Our Garden Makeover | A Summer Project


We’ve already had our holiday this year, so a summer project in the garden is what’s on the agenda. We haven’t spent any time or tlc on our garden since we moved in to this house thirteen years ago, when we put up an arbor in the corner because the drainage was so bad no grass would grow there. We then put a border all round the garden put some shrubs in and then just left it apart from the odd mow in the summer and the childrens play house being put in around seven years ago.Everything was falling apart and the wooden border was rotting.

So we ordered a skip and just pulled up all the plants and shrubs that were dead and gave the ok ones to friends to replant.

The fence and playhouse badly needed a coat of paint, The children helped us clear the garden and their were so many roots that needed pulling up, we broke up the wooden arbour and that went in the skip at the end, when they came to collect it,it was full.


The decking we had ordered arrived the following week and James got started on it straight away, he’s never done anything like this before and he did a good job, he also made a start on painting the fence and playhouse.



The boys at work


All that was left to do now was the window and door frames on the playhouse, finish staining the decking and put in a small piece of turf opposite the playhouse.


And that was the garden completely finished, lets just hope for some sunny days now! Of course that will be the hardest job of all.







See you soon

                Kelly x


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