A monthly meal plan

The last few weeks at school were pretty hectic, The girls had dance rehearsals nearly every night and there were lots of end of year activities going on.

All this meant we were not eating properly, random meals here and there, and a lot of eating on the go.

So now everything has calmed down a bit I’ve had time to sit down and go through some sort of monthly meal plan.

cue new notebook-




I’ve set out a four weekly plan of meals, titled week 1,2,3,4 and each week I’ll check which meals we’ll be eating the following week so I can make a shopping list of just the foods we need. instead of just throwing things in the trolley.

So  not only will we eat better, but we should save money too,by just getting the food we actually need.  It has also added a bit of variety, as we were eating the same meals every week.Now we have a cycle of 28 different meals, I think that’s enough to stop us getting bored!

Week 1

Chicken stir fry

Sweet potato, broccolI and chicken breast fillet

Rigatoni bake with chorizo

Sausage, mash and mixed vegetables

Homemade burgers and wedges with small side salad

Cottage pie with peas and carrots

Salad with jacket potato

Week 2

Chicken in a bbq marinade with mushrooms peppers and asparagus

Homemade pizza with garlic bread

Beef stew with boiled potatoes

Chicken fahitas with salad and corn cobs

Chilli with mixed beans and quinoa

Lamb chops with green beans and new potatoes

Chicken curry with rice and poppadoms

Week 3

Gammon, sweet potato fries and beans

Spaghetti bolognese and garlic bread

paprika chicken wrapped in bacon with rice and green beans

Scrambled egg, beans and sausages

Tagliatelle, homemade sauce and side salad

Roast beef or chicken, roast potatoes and vegetables

Soup and wholemeal rolls

Week 4

minced beef, mashed potato and cabbage

Lamb kebabs and salad

Fish fingers, homemade chips and peas

Cheese salad and baguette

Tacos with salsa, onions, peppers and minced beef

Chilli burgers with salad

Garlic chicken and pasta


So that’s our monthly meal plan, now another reason I decided to do it,is because the kids were starting to want all different meals and it was getting a bit silly doing 4 or 5 different things, so I’ve laid down the law and said unless they genuinely don’t like something then we will all be eating the same meal together.

                                                Kelly x



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