Are the kids bored yet ?

Well, here we are 2 weeks into the summer holidays, four weeks to go.

Now we have already been away this year, so the kids knew it would be the odd day out, but for the most part we would be at home.

So have I heard any ” I’m bored” comments yet?

I distinctly remember telling my mum I was bored a lot when I was young, especially if it was raining and I couldn’t go out.

They have had a trip to the cinema last week to see The secret life of pets.They really enjoyed it although I was slightly surprised it was £7.00 a ticket for children, I thought that was an adult price, and this week they went swimming. James even took Carson in for a splash.

Apart from that we’ve been at home.Courtney, Cerise and Casey have played out the front with friends, and Colby has been to his friends house a couple of times. We’ve also spent a bit of time in the garden.






And when the weather hasn’t been that good,have they been bored like I used to be?

No way!!… In two words ‘social media’  Instagram, YouTube, Facebook,, Snapchat, Imessage, Facetime and the list goes on. Colby will be watching gaming videos Courtney wil be dancing and singing all round the house with, Cerise watches her favourite YouTubers The Weiss life and Casey will Facetime his friends.Even Carson watches a bit of Peppa Pig on the Ipad.

And lets not kid anyone even I’m on the computer or my phone at different times of the day.


So even though I moan about it sometimes, social media and technology definitely has its place in our home and I know my mum would have loved it just to stop me saying I’m bored!!

                                                  Kelly x


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