Our Weekly Round Up | No.1

Last week was the second full week that the kids were off school.

James was off Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, he had an extra day off this week as he’d done a lot of work in the garden.


All that’s left to do in the garden now is pressure wash the patio area, paint the plinth that runs across the playhouse, put a small piece of turf down and finish painting the fence.

All the kids and James went swimming on Tuesday, he even took Carson in for a splash, but the baby pool was closed so he took him in the main pool.

They only stayed in there for about 45 minutes as the baby started to get cold.


I then let them pick all their stationery for school in ASDA while I went round and done the weekly shop.

Stationery haul on my YouTube channel.

On Friday I finally managed to get my hair done, I haven’t had my highlights since the day before we went to Florida so about two months ago.


Always feel much better when my hairs done, but it’s a pain to maintain it.

We made some cookies on Saturday with milk chocolate and white chocolate, the recipe was from the new Tanya Burr book Tanya bakes.





The cookies came out like frisbees, we used too much cookie dough for each one!

Bit of a rubbish end to the week as James taxi broke down and needed a new fan belt, so he was off the road the weekend.

Never mind you get a bit used to cars going wrong being a taxi driver.

See you next week!

                                                  Kelly x


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