Homework station

For a long while now,James and I have said we really need to find somewhere for the kids to do their homework, especially now, as we will have two in high school.

The problem has always been space. The kids all share a bedroom and what with tv’s and games consoles it’s hard to find a dedicated area that’s just for homework.

Up until now they have just been using the kitchen table. It is large enough but a bit of an inconvenience when I’m trying to get dinner ready.



Colby will definitely have more homework from September, as he will start his options.

He has chose Engineering, Computer science, spanish and Geography and I know they really step up the homework from year 9.

I also needed a bigger space for editing my vlogs and blog.

So with all this in mind, we decided to use the only room that noone really uses… the conservatory, its always been a bit of a dumping ground out there for anything I can’t find a home for. We cleared it out and bought an old corner desk in from the garage.

We have had an imac in the living room since 2009, so its quite old. But none of us have ever really used it because it was awkward to get to, and everyone just uses their ipads.

Anyway I put it on the desk and fired it up, but it wasn’t compatible with a lot of browsers and websites, as it hadn’t been updated for a couple of years. James phoned apple support and they’re sending out a disk for us to get it up to date.

I popped a lamp on the desk and borrowed an IKEA chair from the girls bedroom (which I need to replace with something a bit more comfy).


We are now all set for when they go back in September.
Bring on the homework!

                                                         Kelly x

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