Our Weekly Round Up | No.2

We are now halfway through the summer holidays and James had to take this week off work instead of next week, as the Taxi needed some work done on it, so we swapped the weeks over.

As predicted the weather was pretty rubbish all week, with a lot of rain, so we couldn’t really spend much time in the garden as planned, just a little bit on Monday to finish the work out there finally.

On Tuesday we took the kids to soft play, well it was for Carson really as we hadn’t really done anything with him for a few days.

We havn’t been to soft play for a good few years, and Colby is a bit too old now, the twins still enjoyed it though. It kept Carson entertained for about an hour, he loved the slide the best so Colby took him down it a good few times.


We didn’t have Courtney with us today as she went to Chester zoo with some friends from school. She had a fab time and bought a few gifts in the gift shop.
On Wednesday, we did something else we haven’t done for a while, got all the Play Doh out the back of the cupboard, they all used to love this and Cerise had been asking for a while to get it out, but to be honest I thought it was all going to be hard and unusable, it was all ok though and the twins and Courtney spent the day going back and forth to the table making things.
I’ve put it away now but I’ll keep it all for Carson.



It was town (Liverpool one) on Thursday, we don’t go often with all the kids in tow, but the girls needed new school bags and they all needed a pair of summer pj’s and lastly the boys got their early birthday present, the new Everton kit.

There’s a haul coming up on tuesday on my YouTube channel for this if you fancy a look. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HsnM3YO4dKg



The rest of the week, we made a homework station which I did a seperate blog post on.

Homework station

The boys went to Evertons first home match of the season. The score was 1-1, and casey was made up as he got picked to go for a kick about on the pitch at half time.


If you fancy watching this week in action check out our weekly vlog.


                                                                            Kelly x


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