Lunchbox lowdown: What the kids are using this year

As ever on the school summer holidays we are mainly out buying a plethora of things for going BACK TO SCHOOL! .Shoes, bags, stationery, uniform,hair bows and of course, lunch bags and boxes.

Now, over the years we’ve tried them all, and obviously some have worked better for us than others.

I do generally prefer the bags to the boxes as, well, to be honest you can just shove everything in. We’ve had a few boxes where you put a sandwich in and the lid won’t close!

So these are what the kids are using this year.



The twins are going into year 5, so still like pictures and patterns on their bags, Casey has always had an Everton lunch bag so I was surprised this year when he  said he wanted a Marvel Super hero one.



This came from ASDA, the bag was £6.00 and comes with a long strap which is unusual as I’ve always had ones with a small handle.

The bottle comes with a flick up straw which doesn’t leak when pushed all the way down, and is a lot easier to clean than some other bottles.It was £4.00. Also in this range was a drinks cup in the shape of a can of pop, which was different , but Casey preferred this one.

Courtney and Cerise both had Beau &Elliot lunch boxes and bottles last year, and they have become a firm favourite of mine, they are bit more expensive but the quality is great, and Cerise really liked the pattern on Courtneys so she is using that this year.



The bag was £10.00, and the bottle was £8.00. There are a few different patterns and they still do this one this year. I ordered these from Amazon.

The bag was put in the washing machine a lot of times last year, and still looks as good as new, and none of the pattern on the bottle has faded or disappeared.

The bottle has a screw on lid, and a pour like spout that is not leak proof when unscrewed, and the bag has a zip on the top.

Cerise also wanted to take some small snack boxes in her lunch bag.






These are from John Lewis, and were £6.00, they stack inside one another and are good for just about anything.


Courtney is starting high school after the holidays, and was really unsure what she wanted to take.She eventually settled for a Sistema box, and a cool gear bottle both from ASDA.



The lunch cube was £4.50 and the bottle was £4.00. We’ve had other sistema boxes that didn’t hold very much, or the lid wouldn’t close, but this one is in two halves.


One side will fit a sandwich nicely, the other a yogurt and small piece of fruit.

The bottle was £4.00, and has a bubble effect on it, with a flick up straw that is leak proof when closed fully.


Finally, Colby really isn’t fussed now what he has, at nearly fourteen he literally just wants something to put his lunch in, so he is still using last years plain black Sistema lunch bag, that has also held up well.



It has short handle on top and a zip all the way round, with a smaller zip at the front for maybe loose change, again this has been in the washing machine and been fine. It was £4.00 from ASDA.

The bottle was £2.50 and is plain black with twist and sip lid that is leak proof when fully closed. I don’t ever feel I can get these clean though,the lids do come completely apart to clean but it is quite tricky and I find it a bit much to do every day still a good all-round bottle.

And thats all our lunch boxes and bags sorted for this year.


                                                                                                Kelly x



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