Our Weekly Round up | No.3

Our weekly round up this week saw us have a bit of a lazy one.The weather was gorgeous for the first half of the week, so we spent a lot of time in the garden.

On Tuesday we went to a little park thats about five minutes walk away. Colby didn’t fancy coming, so it was the girls, Casey and Carson.


Carson liked the little roundabout, but wouldn’t go on the swing, It was one where a few kids can sit on the big netted seat, so Courtney Cerise and casey went on that.


We never went on the little slide as there was quite a few kids on it.I think a lot of play groups and nurseries take their little ones there for picnics.

I actually wish we had taken one now, if we get anymore nice days I think we will.

We then went for a little walk and had a kick about with the ball. It’s quite hilly there and Carson fell over so many times, he just couldn’t get his balance!

The girls then had lots of fun rolling down the hills over and over again.



We then had a sit down and a drink before heading home for dinner.



Wednesday we went to ASDA,for anyone that likes grocery hauls there’s one going up on my channel youtube.com/c/youmeandthe6Cs

We then spent the afternoon and Thursday in the garden making the most of the weather because Friday onwards it really turned rainy.

A beautiful sky to end the day!



A beautiful sky to end the day!
At the end of the week Casey and the girls wanted to do a taste test challenge for our new slot on a Saturday, which we’ve aptly named Silly Saturday.

It was a lot of fun to do, and the kids enjoyed it.

link below if you’d like to see it!


And that was our week, we didn’t do lots but everyone still really enjoyed it, the weather always helps if it’s nice.

See ya next week!

                                             Kelly x




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