Our Autumn and Winter plans

This post is about our Autumn and Winter plans. The kids have only just over a week left of the summer holidays, and then we,re getting close to Autumn which I have to say is my favourite season, so much to look forward too.

Not only is Halloween,Bonfire night and Christmas on the horizon,but nearly everyone in our house has their birthday coming up.

The twins are first, just a week after they go back to school, can’t believe they’re going into double figures,they were my babies for so long, seriously, this time 10 years ago I was the size of a house!!

Last year they had a minion theme party which they loved.




Colbys birthday is 3 days before Halloween, and it,s always half term as well, he’s only ever been to school once on his birthday, lucky thing.He’s going to be 14 this year.

Everyone loves Halloween in this house and we always put a few decorations up, then we go out with all the kids in the neighbourhood trick or treating, then come home and the kids look at all the treats they got as well as opening the door to other trick or treaters.

Carson wasn’t feeling it last year, on his first Halloween.


James birthday is in November,and then Courtney is in December, 9 days before christmas, she will be 12. So this last bit of the year is the most expensive for us by far!!

But it’s not just all the birthdays and the festive season that makes me love this time of the year, I actually look forward to the nights drawing in early,  it being dark by the time the kids are home from school, I can cook lovely hot meals without everyone moaning that it’s too hot.


Nothing better than curling up with a blanket and a good book, with maybe a hot drink and biscuit.

Although we don’t watch a lot on TV, it always seems a bit better in the colder months, and some nights if there’s nothing on we play a few board games, especially if I think they’ve  had to much computer time, well, and me for that matter.

I think the kids like this time of year too, They have Harvest festival at school, and we go to watch the church service for that.They like the Autumn songs at school like “Autumn Days” which I used to sing at school too.

We always put our  Christmas tree up on the 1st December and I love the whole festive season and all that goes with it. James has a week off after Courtneys birthday as our wedding anniversary is on the 22nd December, 15years this year, that has flown past. We never really do much New Years Eve as it’s the busiest night of the year for James on the Taxis.

And no doubt in January I’ll be writing about all the things I love about Spring and Summer, but for now it’s early evening at the end of August and you can already feel that slight chill in the air, and night are getting darker that bit earlier now.

                                                                           Kelly x







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