5 Reasons To Love Having Tweens


We have now entered that crazy yet wonderful phase of having tweens. Not a little child and not yet a teenager, inbeTWEEN.

Granted Colby our oldest, is already 13, but he’s always had a pretty quiet, not much to say unless it’s important, way about him.

However, the other three are at this tween age and fully embracing it.Courtney is 11 and Cerise and Casey are 10 in two weeks time,and it’s like they have gone from children happily playing with their toys and letting me do most things for them, to little wannabe mini adults, that suddenly think they know the secrets of the universe, and usually they think this all at the same time, which means there’s some pretty healthy debating going on (read arguments).

But it’s not all bad, those hormones haven’t all kicked in yet, so here’s 5 reasons to love having tweens.

1/   Although they are now starting to show real personality and getting a sense of themselves, they haven’t quite reached the stroppy stage and will often still listen to you even if they huff and puff at the same time, they haven’t quite reached that confidence to defy you completely, and underneath they still think you are the be all and end all of the law.


2/  All of a sudden these helpless little humans that needed you to do absolutely everything, can now do a multitude of things on their own.Who knew? They can even start making their own breakfast on weekends and holidays, although I’ve not experienced this yet as Carson has me up way before then.

Recently I had a bout of sickness which meant I didn’t want to be around food, so the kids were relly pleased to be able to make their own packed lunches for school. I never checked but I can only imagine what was in them.


3/  They start making you laugh again, just like when they were toddlers, except now it’s with real jokes and pranks, and believe me this is the age where if you have a joker or comedian on your hands this is when they start to come into their own, and more often than not you are the butt of their jokes, and if you have a couple of kids around the same age, they gang up, sort everything out in secret, and you stand no chance. It’s kind of ,if you can’t beat them join them in the fun.

Don’t forget sulkiness and strops are not quite in yet, so they still laugh at everything.


4/   They talk to you, this may sound strange, but for years your teaching them how to talk, then they go through the asking a million questions phase and the teenage years bring nothing but a few sighs, shrugs and grunts, but this age is probably the most engaging with your child for a few years, tweens happily talk away about their dreams, what they want to do, their favourite things, but they start having proper conversations  and it’s now you start to catch small glimpses of the adults they’ll become.


5/   They are still affectionate with you at this age, mine still come for hugs. In a few years it will probably be if they are upset or if they want something.

This is my favourite age by far, not as demanding as babies or toddlers but are not yet giving you the worries and the stresses of teens, which is when I think they need you just as much as when they were babies. Tweens are that middle bit that you want to bottle up and keep forever.


                                                                           Kelly x



  1. 21/09/2016 / 10:49

    Ahh this is a lovely positive post. I have three girls aged 18, 15 and 11 and I agree that the tween stage is lovely. Surprisingly, I also love the teen stage although it does have its challenges and is more fraught with emotion and hormones!

    • 04/05/2017 / 19:50

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