Our Weekly Round Up | No.4

Another weekly round up and a bit of a mixed bag on the weather front this week, some days were warm and sunny and some days were full on rainy. Typically British weather I suppose.

We usually vlog our week as well for our YT channel, but I took a week off from that, as I wanted to do a new channel intro, so thats what we did on Monday.


Tuesday the kids all wanted to do something as we’d been in the house for two days, but the weather wasn’t really that good to do a park or something outside, so we just went to the small local town centre and let them get a few bits from the pound shops and B&M. I got a few cleaning bits as well, haul coming up tomorrow on my channel.


On Wednesday we had a day in the garden making the most of the nice day. We also did our family tradition of picking who we think will win The Great British Bake Off. I won last year, I had Nadiya Hussain from the start. We all love this programme.


Thursday we dropped Colby, Courtney and Cerise at the cinema to see Nine Lives, they said it was good. James and I haven’t been to the cinema in ages, before we had Carson we used to go sometimes when the other 4 were in school. Colby said there’s anew Dan Brown film Inferno coming out, I’ve read the book but found it hard to get into as I couldn’t visualize what he was writing about, so i think we’ll make the effort to try and see it.

On Friday we realised Courtney didn’t have any trainers for P.E, well she has trainers but they have to be all white, so we went to Aintree and got her some.There wasn’t many all white trainers, so she just got nike Huaraches.


On the weekend Courtney,Cerise and Casey did another challenge on YT, this time it was the beanboozled one, some of the flavours really were disgusting and a bit  TMI but where they spat them out and I put them in the bin after, I could really smell them so had to empty it (boak!) The things kids do, although I really wanted one of them to get dead fish!! Here it is if you fancy a watch.


Next week I’m back to vlogging and Courtney has her very first day at high school.

see you soon!

                                                                              Kelly x






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