Tassimo Joy 2 Review

I love my Tassimo Joy, it brings me so much er joy?  lame . I’ve had it about a month now, and it’s been used pretty much everyday, even the kids use it for the hot chocolate and oreo drinks. (min recommended age for use is 8). I had a Tassimo when they very first came out years ago maybe 2004ish, It’s pretty much still the same but there’s a lot more drink varieties now.


Tassimo Joy 2 and selection of pods

The design is really sleek and comes in black or white.

At the back is a water tank with a Brita filter, which needs replacing every 8 weeks or so. There is an indicator on the top so you can see if it needs replacing and a max water line on the tank so you don’t over fill.


water tank with Brita filter

There is an on/off switch at the bottom, which you switch  on just prior to making your drink, and if you have filled the tank with enough water an orange light up sign will come on showing a cup,letting you know it is ready to go.


orange light, ready indicator

The only thing left to do is pick your preferred pod, there is such a vast selection out there now, and these are just some of them.I have tried all of these, plus the Oreo one which was the only one I wasn’t overly keen on.


some of the different pod flavours

Place the pod in the pod holder by lifting the silver lever, The pod goes in picture side down. Shut the lever, and press the large black button on the front.


pod holder

If you want a hot chocolate or a caramel latte macchiato in a tall glass, you can remove the cup shelf so the glass will fit.


cup shelf removed

The hot chocolate is Cadbury’s, and both the kids and I love it, it’s very smooth and creamy.


Cadbury’s Hot Chocolate

The caramel latte macchiato is a little on the sweet side for me, especially if I want the taste of coffee but it always looks so good in the glass! This comes with two pods a creamer and the espresso.


Caramel Latte Macchiato

The cappucino is probably my favourite, I love it with a little dusting of chocolate. It fills just over half a normal mug size if you have one shot, but you can run it through again if you like it stronger, or want a larger cup.This also comes with two pods a creamer and the espresso.


Costa Cappucino

This is the Kenco Americano smooth, and it’s exactly that very smooth and frothy.Add your own milk and sugar if required.


Kenco Americano Smooth

This is the Twinings English Breakfast tea, I’m not a big tea drinker, but my oldest son loves tea and loves these and has one every day. Again add your own milk and sugar as required.


Twinings English Breakfast Tea

When there is not enough water in the tank,  a red light indicator will come on showing the water tank.


red empty water tank indicator light

All in all a really nice addition to our kitchen appliances, it gets a lot more use than I thought it would, and there’s a bit less faffing about than making them the conventional way.


I would recommend this, for all the variety of drinks it makes.


                                                                              Kelly x





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