My 5 Autumn Reads

Not only is Autumn my favourite time of year, it’s also my favourite time to read, so this is my 5 Autumn reads.

They’re not necessarily set in Autumn, nor are they new books out. I find it hard to read in the summer months, I’m busy with the kids in the holidays, and in winter Christmas seems to take over, so Autumn time is perfect for getting cosy with a book. You can read more about our Autumn plans here

  1. The Murder Road by Stephen Booth



This is the book I’m reading it at the moment, I’m 100 pages in, It’s a crime fiction book and this is the first book I have read from the author.

It’s based in the Peak District, around a small hamlet that has only one road in, and one road out. A lorry gets stuck on the way in, under a bridge, and when D.I Ben Cooper investigates, the driver has gone missing, and there’s blood inside the lorry. He then has to sort through lies and secrets to get the truth.

I’m enjoying this, it’s a grey and murky setting, and it’s enough of a page turner, without giving too much away, they,re the kind of books I like. If I can guess the end it puts me off a bit.


2. Jamie’s Comfort Food by Jamie Oliver


Well, who doesn’t love a bit of comfort food in the Autumn, we’re no longer trying to get a better shape for that bikini, and when the weather turns a bit colder I prefer a hot meal to cold salad which is what we’ve been having a lot recently.

I’ve had a flick through this and all the recipes and accompanying pictures are so tempting, it just puts me in the mood to cook so I’m going to start having a proper read soon. I made a monthly meal plan a few weeks ago, which you can see here , and this will really help change things up a bit, so we don’t get bored of the same things.

It’s a pretty thick book at just over 400 pages and there’s 100 recipes he describes as nostalgic memories, traditions and childhood favourites.

There are six chapters

1. Nostalgia this includes: Shepherds Pie, Toad in the Hole, Chicken kiev, Meatballs and The Perfect chips.

2. Good Mood Food this includes: Quesadillas, Black Cod, Beef Wellington, Katsu Curry and Ultimate Crab Cakes.

3. Pick Me Ups this includes: Ultimate Arrabbiata, ChickenBroth, Veg and Pesto, Ultimate Black Dahl, Spinach, Bacon and Pine nut salad and Polish Pierogi.

4. Ritual this includes: Winter Nights Chilli, Mighty Greek Moussaka, Proper Veg Lasagne,Prawn Linguine and Bolognese Ravioli.

5. Guilty Pleasures this includes:Sticky Chinese Ribs, Chicken and Mushroom Pie ,Southern Fried chicken, Tear ‘n’ Share Garlic Bread and Super Eggs Benedict.

6. Sweet Indulgence this includes: Sticky Toffee Pudding, Chocolate Profiteroles, Jamaican Ginger Cake, The Jaffa Cake and Molten Cheesecake.


3. The Girls by Lisa Jewell


This is the book I’ve just finished, and I really missed it for a little while. The setting is quite small, and most of the book is spent there, so you really get to know it and visualize it.

It is set in a communal garden square, and focuses on the houses and flats that surround it, and their occupants. It’s split between the adults/parents and their children most of whom are young teens.

There is a new family which is the main focus , the other families have lived there for years and all their children have grown up playing in the communal gardens, but an incident that happens when the new family move in threatens to change all that. Are the children safe now? Who is responsible?

4. The Secret Of Happiness by Lucy Diamond


Another author whose books I’ve never read, but thought I’d try this one.

Two stepsisters, two very different lives, Rachel, married, three children, great job. Becca no love life and a job thats going no where.

When Rachel disappears one night, Becca starts to see Rachel’s life is not so perfect after all, and secrets that she finds out, make her see some uncomfortable truths of her own. But will it end in happiness? especially when it can be found in the most unexpected places.

The Missing by C.L Taylor


This is a book I just liked the sound of, a psychological thriller.

When Claire Wilkinson’s fifteen year old son Billy goes missing, she ultimately blames herself, but she’s not the only one, every single member of his family does.The family are always keeping secrets from one another and it’s only when an appeal for Billy goes wrong six months later, that the truth starts to come out.

Claire is then sure that Billy is alive and she’s also sure that her family had nothing at all to do with him disappearing.

So these are my five reads for Autumn, they’re all pretty easy reads, but that’s all I’m fancying at the moment.

Let me know what you’re reading, and any recommendations.

                                                               Kelly x



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