Our Weekly Round Up | No.5

A busy weekly round up. It was the last week of the holidays for three of them, and Courtney had her first day at high school.

We started the week with a pretty quiet Bank Holiday Monday. James was at work and the kids played out with their friends all day, making the most of it, as once they all go back to school they don’t tend to go out as much. All after school activities start again, and it will be getting colder and darker.

The fridge was empty by Tuesday, so we had a change from Asda this week and went to Tesco and Costco. There’s a haul coming up on Tuesday for that, over on YouTube (link in side bar).     The kids love it in Costco, as they can always get a slice of pizza or hotdog at the end.

They were all excited for Wednesday as they got to see their cousins, they haven’t seen them for a while, and James and his brother took them all over Croxteth Country park. They had a kickabout with the ball and played pooh sticks, I made them a picnic lunch with sandwiches, fruit, water, crisps and biscuits. After lunch they played on the swings and got an Ice-cream. So all in all they had a lovely day.


So I had a lovely few hours child free which is very rare for me, I managed to get some vlog and blog posts finished and did a bit of clearing up, it was just nice to have a quiet house for a while.

Courtney had a hair appointment on Thursday, she just had a cut and blow, her hair really needed it, she had a couple of inches off ready for school.



So Friday was a pretty big day for our Courtney, she had her very first day at high school, it was just year 7 in today, we walked her to the bus stop just this once, and she met up with a couple of friends. She looks too little to be going, I can’t believe we’ve reached this stage.

She’ll mostly have packed lunch, but today she had school dinners which was sausage and chips which she said was nice. She made a new friend, and got to know the rest of her form, as she wasn’t there for the taster day a couple of months ago.

She made a quick little video about her first day https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yK-sHm2067M

We kept it nice and relaxed at the weekend, they all stayed in and had a few early nights, got all their bags ready for school. They genuinely are looking forward to going back. they need to get back to a routine, and to be honest, so do I. We’ve had a pretty relaxed summer and I know it’s going to be tough getting up early again, but lots to look forward to in the coming months with all their birthdays. So Colby is now year 9, Courtney is year 7 and Cerise and casey are year 5, and I can’t believe I’m going around to the school office next week to put Carson’s name down for nursery. It goes so quick.

Well that was our week. If you fancy watching it in action you can see it Here

See you next week!

                        Kelly x


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