My Kitchen Storage: Kilner Jars

A while back I was getting so fed up of my kitchen storage,or lack of, should I say.

It’s not that we don’t have any cupboards or drawers, we do, but nothing is ever accessible. The high cupboards are, well, too high and I was fed up of crawling on my knees to get ingredients out, and it was baking ingredients that was the problem. Opened packets were shoved in, all different flours and sugars were spilling everywhere, and I just wanted a final solution instead of throwing it in a random plastic box.

At the time I had one Kilner jar that was holding some sultanas, just so they were easier to grab a handful of to give the kids, or sprinkle in porridge,  it was the only pot that looked nice and was useful.

So as I stood on a chair for the millionth time I decided I wanted more of these little jars, or even the big jars, because now as the cogs were turning I wanted every bit of dried ingredients in the house in Kilner jars.

You can buy them in a lot of places now, and there’s a lot without the Kilner branding, I got most of mine from Dunelm and Asda.

But Kilner jars don’t have as much give in them as packets and cardboard boxes, and I could only fit a couple on each shelf, so I now needed to store the jars somewhere else.

We had an old bookshelf that used to be in our bedroom, so we brought it in from the garage and put it at the other end of the kitchen.

I got a few different sizes in the jars and started filling them up.

I also got 3 different sizes in the clip top preserve bottles and use them for oil, balsamic vinegar and malt vinegar, these just stay in the cupboard.


This is the shelf fully loaded up, with some mixing bowls in the middle.


And some twinkly white lights draped over the top, looks nice in winter.


In this top row I have plain and self raising flour,soft brown sugar, Demerara sugar and granulated sugar, all in different size clip-top mason jars.


I have a selection of mixing bowls in the middle, just to balance out the weight really,some are Mason Cash and some were from Cath Kidston.


On the second shelf are preserving jam jars, which are also in different sizes. I’ve put sultanas, oats,baking powder, bicarbonate of soda, salt and corn flour in these.


On the forth shelf are the smallest size clip-top jars, which I just keep edible cake decorations in. There’s also some smaller preserve jars with chocolate pieces in.


Also on the forth shelf are some more different size clip-tops which have caster sugar, icing sugar, almonds and coconut and a small bottle of vanilla extract.


On the bottom shelf is pasta and rice, smaller clip-top jars for rice and macaroni.


And the largest of the clip-top jars at the bottom holds all the different pasta shapes.They are really heavy when full.


Other than storage jars and mixing bowls I’ve also got 6 Kilner mason drinking jars with straws, The kids love using these.


On the top of the shelf is a large drinks dispenser, to go with the mason jug and straws. This comes in handy in the summer holidays when the kids are at home all day and keep needing drinks.


So I know what’s what, I put a label at the bottom of the jars saying what it is and any use by dates they have.


Sometimes it’s the small things in life, and this really pleased me, A final solution if you will.

See you soon!

                                    Kelly x


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  1. 11/09/2016 / 19:55

    Oh my god, I love this! I just transferred some flour and icing sugar into jars but they aren’t big enough haha! Must buy these wonderfully huge ones and lots of them! Luckily the other half loves jars so he won’t complain haha!

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