Blogging and Vlogging : My First Six Months




So I’ve now been vlogging and blogging for six months and I’m only now just starting to feel comfortable with it all.

It’s gone by in a flash, and I feel like I’ve entered a whole new world,well new to me anyway. You can find my reasons for starting it all in the first place here.

I started with my YouTube channel first rather than my blog, I know that sounds strange but I didn’t have the confidence to start a blog. I kept thinking about starting it, and even set one up on, but I didn’t  write even one post, that was over a year ago.

So in February this year I just took the plunge, and put a haul up on my YouTube channel. I had no idea what I was doing, or what my channel was going to be about. I knew that I wanted to vlog our Florida holiday a few months later, but that was mainly because I knew we’d never get another chance to go. I think the family thought I was mad, and just thought it was some sort of phase I was going through, the kids were slightly amused as they watch quite a few families on YouTube.

I just started vlogging everything, crafty stuff, shopping hauls, and just got into the routine of doing a weekly vlog. But it really took me by surprise the amount of time it was taking up. It certainly wasn’t just a case of film and go, there was so much more to it, the editing of it, a channel intro, getting the right thumbnail pic, replying to comments, promoting the channel, finding nice copyright free music the list is endless. But I was loving it, the family got a little bit more involved even if not on camera, doing things behind the scene.

And then I thought back to what I originally wanted to do, start a blog, and thought maybe I could run it alongside my channel, which means  some of the content on there, I can transfer over to my blog, and also write a few more heart-felt posts, and posts that are better wrote down than filmed.

So, with the same sort of branding as the YT channel I nervously started a blog on WordPress. I knew from the off that I wanted to go self hosted and get my own domain name. I didn’t want the hassle later down the line of changing it all over, although I’ve since learned it’s not that hard to do.

My first post was just an ‘about us’ post, and it went from there. If I thought there was more to vlogging when I first started, the world of blogging just blew me away. There was just so much to learn, and again it wasn’t just a case of putting pen to paper so to speak, and to be honest at times it is really overwhelming. The biggest thing after making good content for your blog, is promoting it and that’s where I have had to start from scratch I’d never used Twitter or Instagram before, so had to set those up and start posting on them a couple of times a day.  Although I had a personal Facebook account I didn’t want to use that, so set up a branded page where people can like it and I share my videos, posts and photos and give little updates. I also share to Pinterest and Google+ but have to admit I haven’t got round to fully sorting these out yet.

Six weeks in, and I bought a new template so it would look just that bit more professional, it was way easier to do than I thought.

I now have a schedule and time management plan that I’ve had to draw up, as I post and vlog four times a week, and there was no set structure to my day. Inbetween all this the house still need cleaning, and I need to find proper time for the children and it had started to become a bit of a juggling act. So the plan has really helped sort that out.

I have no idea how far I can, or will go with it all. I haven’t even thought about working with brands, I’m still working on getting my content better. I can already see the difference in my first posts to now, but will leave them up just to show the difference.

My next step is to join a few linkys, this is where you can leave a link on a post that someone has set up each week, and it can help get traffic to your blog, which is what we all need.That in turn helps with your DA score (domain authority), and the higher that is the better.

The biggest thing for me has been the online blogging community, it is amazing and something I truly had no idea about. I belong to a few Facebook groups and they honestly are a real friendly bunch, no question is too silly, and there are plenty of blogging opps posted about.

There are blogging conferences to go to, where you can meet bloggers and brands, and hear talks to help and inspire you with your blog. I just need to pluck up the courage to go haha.

There is so much more I could write about, but just wanted to give an insight into this new little world I’ve become a part of, and if anyone reads this and is thinking of doing the same, my one top tip would be to not over think it and just throw yourself straight in, you will learn as you go along. I know I wouldn’t have done any of it, if I had sat and thought about it too much, nerves would have kicked in, and I would have lost the confidence. I over analyze most things in my life, but I’m so glad I didn’t with this.

                                            Kelly x





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