Our Weekly Round Up | No.6

Well, like many parents our weekly round-up this week saw all the kids go back to school after the summer holidays, and boy was they ready.

Colby and Courtney walked together for the first time on Monday to catch the bus. As they walked off I felt a bit sad, and a bit proud that they were now old enough to walk off together without me, and that they walked off talking nicely to each other as if they’ve never argued in their whole life!


Cerise and Casey never went back until Tuesday, I got all uniforms and packed lunches ready Monday evening, but it was still a bit chaotic Tuesday morning getting all four out the door on time. I just felt out the swing of it, we’ll soon get back to routine.


So with just Carson with us, we hit the shops, It’s the twins 10th birthday next Wednesday, so I got a few bits for them. I also picked up a few christmas presents as well. I have to start now otherwise I just couldn’t do it. James bought Carson the new Everton kit and a new track suit. To be honest once the mild weather goes he’s going to need a whole new set of clothes as nothing will fit him from last winter including his coat.


The girls started back at dance Tuesday night, they’ve really missed it this summer. They came out with a letter for auditions of Aladdin at the Echo Arena at christmas, so both want to try for that.

On Wednesday Colby took his laid back attitude to a whole new level by giving me 5 certificates, one of which was for best in the entire school for a national maths challenge A YEAR LATER, seriously doesn’t he know that us parents need to know about these things, just so we can have a bit of a brag!!


We like to keep Wednesday evenings as family night It’s the only night we’re all at home, and there’s no after school activities, we like to settle down and watch the Bake off. We all pick someone to win and I can’t believe none of ours have gone yet.

I went to Carpet Right on Thursday to pick out some vinyl for our bathroom floor, as believe it or not when we moved in this house they had laid carpet in the bathroom. I’m just not sure why it’s taken so long for me to get round to changing it, we’ve lived here 13 years!!

I was starting to regret buying it by Thursday evening, as when the girls went up to dance on Thursday night Courtney needed new ballet tights and new tap shoes, and Cerise had a hole in her leotard which I said I would sew, she also said she needed ballet shoes but the receptionist had a look and said they were fine.phew!

But what nearly tipped me over the edge was Courtney’s new bag, the zip broke on it less than a week after going back to school. She was so upset and I couldn’t find the receipt. James took it back to River Island on Friday and they changed it, I was so relieved.


Also on Friday a Tassimo review went live on YT here or you can read the blog post on it here.

I had a parcel arrive as well,which were my business cards from Moo.com, they were recommended and I was really pleased with them.


Cerise had a sleepover at her friends Friday night, which she was really looking forward too, and Colby went swimming after school.Courtney went up to musical theatre, which just left  Casey and Carson at home Friday evening.

Saturday we had a bit of a lazy day, the kids sour sweet challenge went live if you want to see that here.

And finally my boots arrived, I worked it out the other day I haven’t bought new boots for six years, so I can’t wait to wear them.


And today which is Sunday we are having a roast beef dinner, we don’t have one very often so looking forward to that It’s a lovely sunny day and 3 of the kids are out playing. I’ve spent the day with Carson and editing our weekly vlog which you can see  and this post while he naps. I’ll hoover after dinner and get everything ready for school tomorrow. Another busy week coming up with the twins birthday.

see you soon!

                        Kelly x





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