Our Twins are Ten

Today our twins are ten, they were born on 14th September 2006 at 14:36 and 14:38 by a planned C-section. Cerise is the eldest by a full two minutes and let me tell you, that two minutes is one of the most important things in her life, she lets Casey know on a regular basis that she is older than him.

The pregnancy had gone fine, but we only thought we were having one up until our 21 week scan. The 12 week scan had just shown one baby, the other must have been hiding, so you can imagine how shocked we were to find out at 5 months there were actually two in there.

By the end of the pregnancy, I was so big I couldn’t get up the stairs on my own, James used to have to push me up! And although a lot of twins arrive early, there was no sign of these two coming. I had the section at 39 weeks, Cerise was 6lb 13oz and Casey was 7lb 12oz. Over night we had doubled our family and had four under four. Hard work is an understatement those first few weeks are nothing but a blur to me now.


Cerise and Casey

But of course I wouldn’t change them for the world, they have bought so much joy to our family and have lovely personalities, although very different to one another. Obviously they’re not identical, they don’t look anything alike at all and Casey has shot past Cerise in height, which he likes to remind her of when she mentions being older. But they are different in other ways, Cerise is much more outgoing and confident and makes friends in an instant, whereas Casey is a bit more reserved and quiet, and gets a bit nervous in some situations although he’s getting more confident the older he’s getting.

So today they are ten, double digit day. If you ask them what is the worst thing about being a twin, without a doubt they will say “sharing a birthday” as they always had joint parties. Here’s a few of their birthdays past.


1st birthday


2nd birthday


3rd birthday



4th birthday


5th birthday



6th birthday


7th birthday


8th birthday


9th birthday


But you wouldn’t think it was the worst thing as they have been so excited this year, talking about it endlessly. Casey has got a new Everton kit and football and Cerise has asked for a Fluffimal and Buddyball (don’t ask), and that’s all they think they are getting, but what they don’t know is, we have got them their first phone, they think they are getting one in two years time ready for high school, but I know this is the one thing they really want. They will be so surprised as we don’t usually budge on things like this. I can’t wait for them to get up and open them. We are going to a place called Shake Shack after school for dessert, on to a play area and then home for a takeaway pizza. Happy birthday Cerise and Casey xx



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