Our 5 Baby Names

The UK office for national statistics recently released the 2015 most popular baby names. Oliver being the most popular boys name, and Amelia the most popular for girls.

So with this in the news I thought I’d join in and write about our 5 baby names, why we chose them, if there were any others in the running and if we would still pick them now.

My name tastes have definitely changed over the years, through out my teens I was absolutely going to have three children, called Rio, Vienna and Paris. Maybe individually they’re not that bad, but considering we’ve now got 5 children I’m not sure what would have followed perhaps Peking and Oslo.

We have a few American sounding names, and a couple of names that could also be a surname and they also all start with the letter ‘C’. I know from experience that this is not everyone’s taste, but then I suppose not everyone will like every name.


1. Colby, he’s our oldest and we were having this name if we were having a boy or a girl, so baby names never really got discussed as we knew from the off this is what we would use. His middle name is Jay, after dad James, as a lot of people call James ‘Jay’. I still love his name and would definitely use it again,he looks like a Colby to me. I’ve never heard or known of another Colby,but would love to know if you have.

2. Courtney is our second oldest, and we had no idea what we wanted,  James liked Paige or Madison for a girl, and we both liked Casey for a boy. I liked Ellis or Elliot for a girl,but it was only as I was cross stitching a birth sampler for her, that I  saw the name Courtney as an example on the front of the pack, and it just really grew on me. It wasn’t too popular either, the name Courtney had its day around ten years previous, and we didn’t know any Courtney’s. She loves her name, even though it took her so long to be able to write it. She has the same middle name as me ‘Leigh’, It just flowed well with Courtney even though it is a fairly common middle name. I still love her name and would call her that again. It was pure coincidence that it started with a ‘C’ we never planned it.


3+4. Then came our little twinnies. When we finally found out we were having twins we asked about the gender, and was told it was one of each, so I straight away said I would like to use Casey for the boy, but knew if we had another ‘C’ name it would look odd not having them all start with C. So I started looking at girl names in a few baby books starting with C, and came across Cerise and knew instantly I would have it if James liked it, which he did.

Casey has got James for his middle name and Cerise has got Louise for hers, after my great Nan, we always thought her name was Louise even though everyone called her Louie, we just assumed Louie was a nickname or just short for Louise. It was only when I was doing our family tree a few years back that I found her birth registry and her name was indeed Louie, although I think Cerise Louise flows much better than Louie. I adore their names and wouldn’t change anything.

5. Finally we had our youngest. We found out pretty early on, at around 16 weeks that we were having a boy, and I really struggled to find a name I liked, well to be honest there were a few I liked but there always seemed to be a problem with it, I liked Cal but with my East London accent it was sounding more like Cow haha, and I liked Cohen but it is a predominantly jewish surname, so didn’t feel right, I liked Colt but James vetoed that on account we were not having a baby male horse nor were we gun enthusiasts. Carter was the main runner for most of the pregnancy, but it wasn’t thrilling me like the others had, I liked it, but I didn’t love it. There was one other name I really wanted, but I just kept thinking no way could we have it, as the last three letters of the name was the same  last three letters as our surname. I’m  big fan of Downton Abbey, and my favourite character without a doubt is Mr Carson, and I really wanted to use the name. Unbelievably James loved it and didn’t think the last three letters being the same was a problem at all. And so that was all it took for me to think yep that’s it, that’s the one, Carson is his name, and I love it. His middle name is Joseph James after his granddad and dad.

And that’s how we named all our children, let me know about yours, what are they?, what are their middle names and do you still like them.

See you soon

               Kelly x


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