Girls Room Tour

Cerise did a girls room tour over on YouTube, so I thought I’d round it off with a post and some pictures.

Both the boys and the girls had their room makeovers just under a year ago, before that the boys had an Everton blue bedroom and the girls a pink princess room. It was time to get them a bit more grown up and neutral. The boys had a nautical theme which I’ll do a separate post on, and the girls had an owl/woodland animals theme.

The wallpaper is gold and white vertical stripes and the carpet is a light warm beige, as you enter there is a sign on the door that says “What I love most about my home is who I share it with” and I just love that, very apt for our house.


The wall on the right has three owl plaques on the wall in small medium and large with an owl clock above them.


In that corner is a basket that they keep toiletries in, and a golden brown waffle bean bag.


Along the next wall is their desk/dressing table and chair. Underneath has two storage baskets one each for toys or stationery, and a dvd player that never really gets used anymore.


On top of it is a mirrored jewellery box, 2 little owl candles and their TV and sky box. just underneath this is a small drawer for notepads and an open space for laptops or Ipads but there’s just pencil cases and reading books there at the moment.


Above the desk is the window, and on the windowsill is their lamp which matches the lampshade, and three more little owls which are see no evil speak no evil and hear no evil.





Next to the desk and running along that wall is their bunkbed, Courtney has the top bunk and Cerise the bottom bunk. The duvet cover is a woodland friends one which is really pretty and has a matching cushion, and they each have a string of lights like little cages to match the light shade and lamp. I wouldn’t like to count how many soft toys and teddies they have on their bed, they love them…all of them, lots of different ones Disney, Build a bear, Tsum Tsums.


Above the bunkbed are two hanging wicker hearts, and at the end of the beds are two large wicker baskets for even more teddies.



Along the last wall is their wardrobe which they share. I have to really keep on top of this as there is limited space for the both and it can get messy really quick, but they are pretty good at helping to keep it in some sort of order.





At the end of the wall behind the door is a wooden coat hanger in the shape of a key that has their dressing gowns hanging up.


And that is the girls room, when we did the makeovers last year we removed all their toys and put them in the garage as they were overtaking the room, and it has made such a difference. They really enjoy relaxing in their room now and it’s got a calming atmosphere especially with the little lamp and lights on.

See you soon

                 Kelly x



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