Our Weekly Round Up | No.7

Our weekly round up this week saw the twins turn 10, it was a fairly busy week with really beautiful warm weather, knowing that colder days are nearly here, everyone made the most of it.

The twins took a couple of their friends from school to McDonalds on Monday, just for a pre birthday treat. They had been looking forward to this for ages, they don’t see friends from school very often outside of school hours.

Carson finally learnt how to climb on a certain chair that had been a bit of a challenge, he felt very pleased with himself haha.


I went shopping on Tuesday and got the twins the smash cake they wanted, and some ring doughnuts to take into school, We then went to a card shop and got two silver number balloons. James took the twins and Colby up to see his mum and dad, as they won’t see them on their birthday, so it was a chance for them to get their cards.

Later that evening I wrapped up presents and set them all on the table with their balloons and cake.


I also uploaded a Baby names video here  ,all about how and why we chose our names and a blog post here .

So Wednesday was the twins 10th birthday, they had a fantastic day even though they were at school. They were over the moon to receive their first phone and they had no idea.img_6174

After school we were meant to be going to Shake Shack, a dessert place, but it was closed for a refurb, but never mind we went to another pub restaurant and they had the most delicious cookie and ice-cream dessert, we then went on to a soft play area, this was what they wanted to do, even though we haven’t been for a while this was ideal as it meant Carson could have a play, Colby and Courtney went in the baby area with him and they all enjoyed it. Cerise wanted to go to ASDA after and spent some of her money, Casey is saving his for when Fifa 17 comes out at the end of the month.


We came home, ordered pizza, and let them smash their smash cake while singing Happy Birthday. Everyone was too full for cake though.

They had a fab day, we kept it to just us this year, as they’ve had big parties the last couple of years.


On Thursday me and James went to the Trafford Centre, not to buy anything, just for a mooch. It’s about 40 minutes away from us , but it’s so nice up there, especially during the week it’s nice and quiet, although it won’t belong before Christmas shopping starts, and it is unbelievably busy up there then.

Courtney had homework, which was to take a picture of herself reading?????

So this was it!


This picture made me laugh, James took it of Cerise while they were in the queue at the chippy, not a care, she’s just sat there in her ballet outfit on her new phone.


The girls had an audition on Saturday for a panto at the Echo Arena, they didn’t get it.     EDITED to say there was a surprise on Tuesday and  Cerise was told she did have a part so one very happy child.

The boys went to watch Everton in the afternoon, and came back happy, the win puts them second in the league, which doesn’t happen very often.

On a personal note I completed a 5 day productivity course run by  Aby  from You Baby Me Mummy which was excellent. For the first time since I started blogging I feel in control, it was so worth doing.

So all in all a good week, if you fancy watching it all in action you can see it here .

See you soon

               Kelly x


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