5 Reasons To Love Having Toddlers


Are there really 5 reasons to love having toddlers?… the very word makes me both shudder and smile at the same time. I’ve had five of them, and one is in the throes of toddlerdom right now. It is relentless and in some ways harder than the newborn stage. There is no reasoning with them, and they will have their toddler tantrums anywhere they see fit thank you very much.

With that said, there are days my toddlers have made my heart melt, and I’ve stared at this small person in amazement and wonder, at the new thing they have said or done.

1. So here are my 5 reasons to love having toddlers. They have started to play independently, for me this is the single best thing about the transition from baby to toddler, they don’t need you or the T.V to entertain them. They’re up on their feet and on the move,they can get to their toys more quickly and easily, and they now want to do things with the toys instead of just flinging them across the room. It’s even better when they get a bit more dexterity and can play with jigsaw puzzles and shape sorters, keeps them going for a while.


2. They still want the biggest snuggles and cuddles, well I must say that this is not all toddlers, Colby and Cerise were both never big on cuddles unless they                                             were unwell, but generally most toddlers will sit on your knee at the end of the day for a snuggle and a bed time story or a favourite programme, Colby loved a book read to him and so did Courtney, but the twins used to love watching In The Night Garden before bed, I think it was the music, it was so calming and used to make them sleepy.


3. They see the world from a completely different height to us, and that makes a difference in how they see things. When we walk along outside, we have a wide vision in front, and we usually have our mind on other things.a toddler can only see knee height more or less, so they can see the bushes, the leaves on the floor, a random twig or stone that they want to pick up, the rain going down the drain, or a sweet that someone has dropped, It’s a totally different world down there.


4. They are willing to learn, and love helping out, this can be really frustrating at times, especially when I just want to get the hoovering done, but Carson is behind me trying to hold the hoover whilst I’m halfway up the stairs, or if I’m drying up the dishes and open a cupboard or drawer, before I’ve finished drying it he’s shut them all again, but it’s also lovely to watch them wanting to learn, like finally giving them a spoon to eat Spaghetti Bolognese and seeing how they try so hard to get at least a little something to stay on the spoon. We are learning from the day we’re born until the day we die, but never more so than in the first few years of life, and I try to remember this when I just want to get things done without Carson persecuting me.


5. The absolute best thing of all about having toddlers for me, is their lovely way they don’t bear a grudge, I write this with a house of 13,11 two 10 year olds and a seventeen month old, and without a doubt Carson our toddler can accept being told off, cry for a few minutes and then carry on like everything is ok with the world. After the toddler stage this does not happen again until at least adulthood. At the moment in our house we either get the silent treatment for half an hour, a big foot stomp up the stairs or a full on “It’s not fair” affair, from the other four. I know which one I prefer.

And this is my 5 reasons to love having toddlers, they love you unconditionally and completely, spending most of their day learning and embracing  the big wide world that we’ve brought them into.

see you soon

               Kelly x


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