Our Weekly Round Up | No.8

I’m writing Our weekly round up this week with a big snuggly blanket over me, so the weather is definitely on the turn, lot different to the twins birthday last week when it was 24 degrees.

It had been a busy weekend for all the kids so when they came home from school on Monday we all just relaxed, there was no after school activities and no homework.

Tuesday was a completely different story, I didn’t stop all day. I went shopping to get Carson a few outfits as there is nothing at all from last year that will fit him, and he’s only got shorts and tops from the summer. You can read what I got him  here

We then went to ASDA, apart from the weekly shop I got a few Autumny housey bits, they had some lovely things at really reasonable prices.

Tuesday evening Casey had football training, which is next door to the girls dance school, he scored two goals and his team won so he was pleased. The girls had modern and tap, and it was while waiting to go in that we were told Cerise had a part for the Cinderella Panto that she auditioned for on Saturday. She was over the moon. We’ll get more info on it in a few days.


Courtney was a little disappointed to not get a part, so for a treat we took her to Shake Shack for a Choco waffle.


We had to pick Colby and Courtney up from school early on Wednesday, as they were having an open day for year 6’s, and there were no buses on to get them home.

Courtney’s English teacher asked if she could come back from 6-9pm and help out, she wanted to, so James ran her there and back.

Back up to dance on Thursday and we got more details on the panto part Cerise got, It’s at the echo arena auditorium and she has rehearsals at the old dance mum studio’s once a month, and rehearsals up at her dance school every Saturday afternoon.

She’s in 4 shows on the 17th, 18th, 20th and 22nd December and she’s on blue team, so has to wear blue ribbons in her hair at rehearsals. She made a little video about it.

I’m proud of Courtney this week, as although disappointed she graciously accepted that Cerise got a part.


Friday and Saturday were spent trying to get ahead of myself, as I usually do all my housework on a Sunday but I am off to my first blog conference BlogOn MSI



Cerise has her first set of rehearsals, and it’s James mums birthday, so a pretty busy day.


Another busy week, and if you fancy watching our weekly vlog you can see it here-


See you soon

                        Kelly x


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