5 Reasons To Love Having Teenagers

5 Reasons to love having Teenagers


Colby or moody teenager?

Well, I’ve done Tweens  and Toddlers , so it’s only right I should do my 5 reasons to love having teenagers. I’m very aware that pretty soon I’ll have four of them in the house and that’s a thought that makes me want to sit quietly in a corner rocking, until it’s all over.

Colby is thirteen so he’s our first, but pretty much as soon as the clock struck midnight on his birthday the teenage traits shone through. He hibernates in his bedroom, All form of speech has turned into deep grunts and shrugs, and he has now shot past me in height.

But underneath these raging hormones is my adorable son, and I can easily find 5 reasons to love having teenagers.

1. They sleep! especially in the morning which is a massive welcome after years of not just feeding as a newborn, but all the years that followed, when at 5/6am I would be up watching Balamory or The wiggles (I don’t think they’re on anymore), or getting all the toys out. Yes they sleep, until you go up, and remind them that it will be dark again soon and they won’t sleep tonight.

2. They start knowing a lot more than you,especially when it comes to anything tech or gadgety, even if they don’t own said tech product you can bet your life they can give you the low down on it. Over the last year or so I’ve used google less and less and started asking Colby first, and as he stands there talking in his slightly husky breaking voice, I have an inward smile to myself and feel quite proud that this is the son I’ve raised.

3. Their help around the house starts to actually become helpful. The kids have never really had lots of chores, but that is mainly because most of the time it is quicker and easier to do it myself. But lately Colby has become a bit more efficient at doing things. If asked to take any rubbish out, he quickly does it without dragging it across the floor or spilling anything. If he puts any laundry away it isn’t just thrown in the drawer anymore. He has started understanding that if the job’s not done properly, I have to redo it.

4. They start to eat the food you put in front of them without moaning. Teenagers eat. A lot. Colby could eat way more than me now, it’s like he has hollow legs, and it’s very rare now for him to not like a meal (apart from beef stew, he hates that). He is always hungry even when he’s just ate. I guess he’s just a ‘growing lad’ as they say. Just be prepared for your food shop to go up in price!

5. You can start having grown up conversations with them, on subjects that you might not have spoke about before i.e politics, things in the news and serious issues. It’s nice to hear them debate and have differing views to yourself. It makes you look at the world through a young persons eye, and that’s not always a bad thing.

And those are the my 5 reasons to love having teenagers. I’ve tried to embrace and appreciate every stage of my kids childhood journey, but especially now, when college and uni are not that far away, and they will become completely independent. Although a scary thought, I guess this is where we have been heading since the day they were born, and in a flash they have gone from helpless newborn, to a fully fledged adult all through our raising them. How great are we!


See you soon

                Kelly x



  1. 01/10/2016 / 12:30

    What a lovely post. Teens get a bad press sometimes but I agree with all of these 😊

    • kleigh
      01/10/2016 / 13:10

      Aah thankyou,I hated my teen years I was so self conscious, I just want mine to enjoy it, moods and all haha x

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