Autumn Homeware From Asda

I had no plans to buy any Autumn homeware from ASDA , I only went in to buy one actual item. That was this pretty wooden letter box, which I wanted to start keeping the children’s homework and school letters in. They were kept at the side of the fridge, but kept slipping down the side of the cupboard never to be seen again (well until the fridge broke earlier this year, when we found lots of lost school letters oops).


wooden letter box £8.00

But then sitting pretty next to it, was this mini cabinet of four drawers. it matched nicely along with two little acorn tea light holders.


mini four drawer cabinet £10.00


acorn tea light holder £4.00 each

I’d had my eye on this candle holder when I saw it a few weeks ago, I like all the pictures on it. I got a spiced apple candle to go in it.


Hurricane lamp £8.00, spiced apple candle £2.50

And everything else I bought because it was just too darn cute to leave, but it was all so reasonably priced.


Heart hanging sign £1.50

This pretty little box sits on my desk. It just holds all the little post it notes and to-do lists I have.


wooden flower box £6.00

I got us all a new mug each for hot chocolate. The girls got the fox mug and the boys got the badger. I think the fox is definitely the trend this season. I’ve seen it in most of the shops.


Fox and badger mugs £3.00 each

I got me and James a mustard colour mug with a leaf motif on. I really like the shape of it it’s very round and I like holding it like a bowl.


Leaf mug £3.00

Sticking with the mustard colour, was this small vase, which is nice if you want to showcase just a couple of Autumn flowers. The wooden squirrel next to it is eating his little acorn.


Honey vase £4.00 and wooden squirrel £2.50

These salt and pepper acorns, symbolise everything thats Autumnal for me. I love them!


Acorn salt and pepper shakers £4.00

To match the children’s mugs were a fox milk jug and owl teapot. The girls are owl mad as that’s what their bedroom is themed on.


Owl teapot £7.00 and Fox milk jug £5.00

I only bought two of these badger and fox egg cups, as we don’t often have boiled eggs and not usually at the same time so I thought two was enough.


Badger and Fox eggcup £1.50 each

Finally I got a side plate and teabag holder, This little Dormouse looks like he’s curling up for the Winter.


Dormouse side plate £4.00 and teabag holder £1.50

And that was my Autumn homeware from Asda. You can also watch this as a haul on my YT channel.


See you soon

                Kelly x


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