Our Weekly Round Up | No.9

Our weekly round up this week saw us putting the heating on for the first time. Courtney had her school review and another dance audition, and all the kids had a cold by the end of the week.

On Monday James and I went into Liverpool, to the Queens box office to purchase tickets for the Cinderella panto Cerise will be in at Christmas. She’s in four shows and I couldn’t make my mind up which one to see, so I’ll go to all four, and James and the kids will all go on the 22nd December, that’s our 15th wedding anniversary as well.


I also put away a coat and two outfits for Cerise and a coat for Carson all for Christmas. I pick them up next week.

On Tuesday Courtney had an audition for an Aladdin panto in St Helens. It was open to all dance schools and was very busy. I think there were 150 children in her age group. She never got it but did say it was a hard and fast bollywood routine. Nevermind, it’s all in the experience. She went straight up to tap after.

Cerise and Casey have been made play leaders at school. This means they help out at school once a week with the younger children at break time.


On Wednesday James went ou to work during the day, which is very rare for him, he only really works nights,but Courtney had tutor review at school and he didn’t want to take another night off work. Going in during the day was better than nothing.

I made a lovely beef stew for dinner, lovely and Autumny now the weather has changed.

We saw Courtney’s form tutor. In all honesty it was a waste of time. We were only in there for two minutes, she said Courtney was doing fine and she needed to ask for more award points as she’s a bit quiet. Colby was on the front of a booklet we got given, we all laughed.


On Thursday Cerise came home with this picture that has had me laughing all week. She put her finger in a lambs heart in Science and, well her face says it all.


On Friday we went for a mooch at the Trafford Centre near Manchester. I was looking for a coat for Courtney. It’s going to be for Christmas. The few that I thought she’d like I took photos of and showed her. She’s picked one and I’ll try and get it next week. James and I did a little video for channel mum and Iceland titled Dads do date night. The food was nice and it gave James a chance to try his hand at cooking.


On Saturday I caught up with some work, 3 wash loads and 2 cycles on empty with disinfectant and soda crystals to freshen up the drum. It was smelling a bit musty. I did an Autumn homeware blog which you can see here , and started editing our weekly round up  on YT.

The week ended with all the kids catching a cold. It’s always this time of year when the weather changes. I also can’t believe we’re only a few weeks away from half term. It feels like they’ve only just gone back from summer.

That was our weekly round up. I’ve started Christmas shopping now. I looked for things this week, and next week I’ll buy them.

See you soon

                Kelly x


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