5 Things I Do In ‘Me Time’

Well, a post titled 5 things I do in ‘me time’  probably implies I have a lot of time to myself, but with 5 kids, a blog and a YT channel, there’s not much time left over.

When I do get the odd hour or evening to myself I don’t always want to watch TV. I used to be an avid soap watcher and never missed an episode, but gradually over the years I’ve watched them less and less. The same with reality shows, Big Brother, X Factor I just don’t bother anymore.


So what are 5 things I do in ‘me time’

1/ Scrapbooking

I first started scrapbooking when Colby was about 8 months old, so around 2003. I  just stumbled across it when I pressed the wrong TV channel and create and craft came on. It was so interesting watching what these women were doing with their photos making them pretty, and telling stories with them. Straight away I wanted to try it, so started looking for craft shops in my area, but there were very few, and a lot of the craft stuff I did find was very expensive. I ordered a lot of things online back then, but now there are quite a few places you can get scrapbooking supplies, Hobbycraft, The Range, even supermarkets have a craft section now.

I made a baby scrapbook for each of my children, showing their first year and then just carried on scrapping different stages after that, our holidays, birthdays christmas just plain life. In some ways scrapbooking is pretty much the same as keeping a blog, documenting our lives. Here is a look at a couple of old ones.

2/ Cross stitch

I started cross stitching around the same time as scrapbooking. I found some really small kits in Hobbycraft for 99p and wondered if I could do it. I’d never picked up a needle in my life, so wasn’t very hopeful. But I managed the 2 little kits I bought and just went from there. At first I just bought kits that included everything, the cotton, needle and chart, so I had everything I needed in one pack.

Then I started getting cross stitch magazines. I liked some of the design charts in them, which meant I needed to buy my own cotton, once I had done that I could use any pattern, and from then I’ve never looked back. I’ve done lots of cross stitch designs and have framed lots of them, but I’ve also got a lot of UFO’S (unfinished objects) that I promise I’ll finish, even though some have been in my sewing bag for nearly ten years!



3/ Colouring

I’ve never really stopped colouring from when I was a child. I loved it then and love it now, even as I got older before it had its recent popularity surge I would use one of the kids colouring books when they were in bed. I find it really relaxing and therapeutic. Of course now there are so many lovely ones for adults in lots of different shops, and of course I always had my own set of pens and pencils that the kids weren’t allowed to use. I use all different colouring tools depending on the picture, pastels, watercolours, markers, gel pens, pencils and chalk. you can see the different all sort of colouring books here:

and my different colouring tools here:

4/ Reading

Again I’ve loved reading since I was little. I would read anything. My mum would buy me books for Christmas that were a real mix. I had the usual ladybird books.   Always read Enid Blyton, but I also had SAS survival handbooks and spy guidebooks, as well as space books and Atlas’s. I was a real bookworm.

I’ve never lost my love for reading. I have found life gets in the way as an adult, so don’t read as much as I’d like. Not going to lie social media has a lot to answer for as well. It’s easier to get in bed and check Facebook or Instagram sometimes.

I’ve also gone back to reading traditional books over my Kindle. I found I wasn’t wanting to pick the Kindle up, I just wanted to pick a book up and flick through it. These are my Autumn and Winter reads.

5/ Ancestry

Around 5 or so years ago I got really interested in Ancestry. I did a family tree for the children, starting with my side I went quite far back to the 1600s, when most of my ancestors lived in France. Then I started on James side but could never get that far as both his parents family originate from Ireland and it’s hard to get Irish record. I still go back to the tree now and again and see if I can find any new information. The hardest part has been adding my parents death last year. I wanted the children to know about both sides of their family as we live in Liverpool but I was bought up in London and that’s where all my family are.

So that’s a little bit about 5 things I do in ‘me time’. Sometimes I wish there were more hours in a day, so I could spend more time on them. But for now I just dip in and out of them as and when I can.



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