Vtech Push And Ride Alphabet Train | Review

This is a review of the Vtech Push and Ride Alphabet Train. Carson got this for his 1st birthday, so he’s had it for around 6 months. He plays with it on an almost daily basis.


Vtech push and ride alphabet train

It is 3 in 1. He can sit on the orange seat and ride it.


The front part can be disconnected so he can stand and push it.


The seat can be lifted up and he can pull it along holding the seat handle.


The front of the train has a clock on the front that has movable hands, and makes a click-clack sound.


There is a removable mobile phone that can  slot on the top, by the handles or on the side of the train next to the musical light up buttons. When placed here all the lights on the train light up and a song plays. The phone has a button on the front that clicks when pressed.

There is a volume control button and an activity mode button. The numbered buttons will say either the number, or make an animal sound depending on the mode. The same with the light up buttons at the top. They will either say the colour of the button or make the sound that the picture represents.

There is also a slot here to put the blocks you get with it. When he puts a block in the slot it will say the letter and picture that is on each different block.


There are 13 different blocks, with a letter on each side for the 26 letters in the alphabet. He slots them on top of one another like building bricks.img_6674

There is a chute on top of the train which he can put the bricks through and they shoot into the cart at the back.


Also on the side of the train are 2 beads that spin round, and 2 wheels that turn when he twists the handles. There is a picture book with one page that opens, a light up sun that plays a tune when pressed, and a large green button at the top of the train which lights up when he presses it.


The other side of the train has no activities but has pictures of animals embossed on it.


I would recommend this toy, as there is so much to do at different stages. Carson plays with it differently now than he did 6 months ago when he first got it, and will last him for another few years.

You can see this review in action here

See you soon

                Kelly x


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