Our Weekly Round Up | No.10

Our Weekly Round up

Our weekly round up this week sees me start Christmas shopping and also buying Courtney’s birthday presents. It’s not until December but I know what she wanted will have sold out.


The start of the week was pretty productive. I managed to sort out a corner cupboard in the kitchen, which I was meant to do in the summer holidays.  The kid’s school work from the previous year was in there,  and it needed sorting out. There was also a lot of other random junk in there, like Robo fish and Easter bonnets, cool bags and cook books. It really was a random sort out and if you fancy a look I vlogged it.


Tuesday was when I started Christmas shopping, I was looking for a coat for Courtney but they didn’t have her size. Her birthday is 9 days before Christmas so I’m on the lookout for that pressie too. I got Carson a couple of gifts and Colby and Casey an outfit. I put a coat and outfit away for Cerise last week and picked that up today as well. She tried it on so I could check the size. So at least I’ve made a start. I even bought myself an advent calendar.


Advent Calendar £10.00 John Lewis


On Wednesday it was the weekly shop, but I just really couldn’t be bothered this week, so the trolley  got filled with lots of treats, well there was some fruits and veg but a bit of an unhealthy shop this week.

Wednesday nights is family night and it was chicken fajita’s for dinner and everyone settled down to watch the Bake-off with a mug of hot chocolate.


Fox and Badger mug £3.00 ASDA


On Thursday I continued my mission to get Courtney a new coat. We went to the Trafford Centre, but again they didn’t have her size so they ordered it online for me. I had a little look at all the Christmas decs in John Lewis and realized there’s less than 10 weeks until it’s here!

Carson has found a love for lifts, it must be the funny feeling in his tummy. He hasn’t found the buttons yet though, the other four argued like crazy when they were little over who was going to press the button.


Wobbly tummy in the lift

I also got 2 birthday presents for Courtney, so another thing to cross off the list. While we were at the Trafford Centre they were filming an episode of Deal or No Deal on tour, so me and James ate our lunch watching the action, even got a glimpse of Noel himself.


The man himself


Friday was another productive day. We finally got round to clearing out the garage, this has been long overdue. We just couldn’t get to anything anymore, it was just full up and needed completely sorting out. Three hours we spent on it, but was really pleased with the end result. The kids can get to all their board games now, and I found some things I’d been looking for. You can see the sort out in action here:

The Weekend

We spent the weekend doing homework and house work. Courtney had to write a promise on a sheet of paper. then crunch it up and stain it with tea  to make it look old.It looked good then we tore all around the edges for a more antique look.

We then made a 1000 subs video to say thank you on YT, the kids loved making this.

And that was our weekly round up. As usual if you fancy watching this week in action you can see it here:

Next week is prepping for Halloween before they sell out, and I’m going to finish Carson’s presents, at least one of them will be done.

See you soon

                Kelly x





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