Preparing for Halloween

Preparing for Halloween

With less than three weeks to go, it’s time to start preparing for Halloween in our house. James has been in the loft to dig out the decs. We’ve had them for about seven years, and we drag them out every year. This year however they looked pitiful, everything looked battered and worn and I remembered that our string of out door lights broke last year.

So it was time to start replacing them, and it was ASDA and B&M that I went. Courtney was the only one that needed a new costume. She got a Zombie Cheerleader one. Casey is dressing as a Jester, Cerise as a dead bride (lovely) and Carson as a pumpkin. Colby has said he doesn’t want to dress up this year, but I got some glow in the dark face paint in case he changes his mind.

ASDA had sold out of quite a few things, and I know from previous years you can’t leave Halloween buying until the last minute.

B&M was a little bit cheaper for some things and still had quite a large selection in.


These two skull trays are ideal for snacks or sweets. They had a full set of tableware in this design but I just got the trays.


Skull trays ASDA £1.00 each

The kids thought this was great to put outside. I’m not sure if this could be used more than once, as it will probably get dirty. I’ll chuck it in the washing machine after, and see what it comes out like.


With doormat B&M £1.99

I really like these two candles. They’ve got little handles and black glitter motifs on the side, but it’s quite subtle and I think they could be used all through Autumn. They also have a nice cinnamon spice scent.


motif scented candle £2.99 B&M

These two spiders web came in a variety of colours and would look good scattered on walls or ceilings.


Spider and web ASDA £1.00

I think this was my favourite purchase, it really made me jump in the shop.When you press the button, a tongue with a spider on comes down. It then says several phrases in a spooky voice. The kids liked this too, we’ll put it on our front door. It came in a variety of different characters.


Pumpkin doorbell B&M £3.99

This haunted house hanging decoration is the theme I’ve stuck to for the table, it’s more cute than scary.


Haunted house decoration ASDA £2.00

This haunted house tray is ideal for crisps or snacks.


Haunted house tray ASDA £2.00

matching plates and tablecloth


Haunted house paper plates and plastic tablecloth £1.00 each

This makes a fab centrepiece for the table.


Haunted house cake stand ASDA £3.00

How cute are these little beakers, they have a swirly straw going around the outside.


Haunted mansion swirly straw cup ASDA £1.00

This mini light projector spins and changes colour. The ceiling lights up in the dark.


Mini light projector B&M £3.99

This skull garland is black and gold glitter, with black ribbon.


skull garland ASDA £2.00

They had quite a few decorations in this design. This bunting says trick or treat.


Trick or treat bunting £1.00

Happy Halloween banner that we’ll put across the back wall.


Happy Halloween banner ASDA £1.00

These two flickering candle sticks are battery operated. They’ll go on either side of the table.


Battery operated flickering candlesticks £2.00 each

These gel sticker packs can be reused. They look great in windows.


Gel sticker B&M £1.29 each or 2 for £2.00


Pumpkin battery operated lights, there’s not many on the string so I’ll just lay them on table or put them in a jar.


Battery operated pumpkin lights ASDA £5.00

Plastic skeleton garland, will be hung in the window.


Plastic skeleton garland ASDA £3.00

These white skull faces were  the only thing I was disappointed with. It’s just white card with rags hanging off. I’m not sure I’ll use them. The kids can decorate them I think.


White skull faces B&M £1.99

This skull candle has a bright red centre that will look great when lit.


Skull candle ASDA £4.00

Fright lights are Halloween coloured fairy lights in orange, purple and green. They’ll look great in the dark.


Halloween fright lights B&M £3.99

These battery operated tealights will be used even after Halloween.


LED battery operated tealights B&M £1.99

Make-up and Costumes

Face make up, includes black nail polish which Cerise wants to wear with her dead bride outfit.


Monstrous make-up kit ASDA £4.00

I can’t wait to see this glow in the dark face cream. I just need Colby to put it on now.


Ghastly glow in the dark face cream ASDA £1.00

This is Courtney’s Zombie Cheerleader costume with pom poms.


Zombie cheerleader costume ASDA £14.00

I got Cerise a masquerade mask and cobweb tights for her outfit.


Masquerade mask and cobweb tights ASDA £1.00 each


I’m going to do a big slow cooker Chilli before we all go trick or treating, but of course they’ll be some treats on the table and some for the trick or treaters.


Pumpkin marshmallows ASDA £2.00


Mr Kipling Chocolate and Slime Slices ASDA £1.50 Fiendish Fancies ASDA £1.00


Monster Munch Webs and Wotsits Zombie Fingers ASDA £1.00 each


Smartie filled Pumkins ASDA £0.45 each


Fun size party mix ASDA £2.99


Haribo Mega-party minis and Starmix ASDA £1.99 each


Haribo Gummigaudi B&M £2.99


Swizzels loadsa lollies and Fruit tella ASDA £1.00 each


Swizzels Monster Treats B&M £1.99


Maoam Bloxx B&M £0.89


Fanta Fruit Twist ASDA £1.00

So that is all our Halloween sorted. We will put all the decorations up over the weekend seeing as Halloween is on a Monday this year.

You can see this Halloween collection on my YT channel:

See you soon

               Kelly x


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