5 ways I’m getting cosy and homely this Autumn

We are now well into October, and I adore this time of year. So here are 5 ways I’m getting cosy and homely this Autumn. It’s my favourite season and you can read about our Autumn and Winter plans here.


1/ Get a basket or box and fill with snuggly blankets, just so you don’t have to constantly have the heating on. My skin really dries out in the winter and having the heating on high really doesn’t help. I also don’t like it to be too hot when I go to bed, so this is a good idea. I love just grabbing one out the basket and snuggling up with it.

wicker basket of blankets

2/ And to go with the blanket I love having a nice hot chocolate in a nice mug with maybe a biscuit or two and watch T.V. Like most people I tend to watch more T.V or films in the winter than summer, or maybe get into a boxset. There’s some  great ones out now.

my favourite mug


3/ Make the lighting cosy with lots of candles or lamps. They’re not as harsh and cold as the main lights and really make rooms look inviting. I love scented candles this time of year. I still try to have the windows open a little as much as possible, but on the days it’s just to cold a scented candle can keep the stuffy smells at bay.


glowing candles and lamp

4/ Although I’ve had some great summer reads, one of my favourite things to do in the colder months is make a list of books     I’d like to read.  I try and work my way through them (I don’t always manage them all). Social media has a lot to answer for, I used to get through piles of books but have to admit I read blogs just as much now. You can see my list here, and on my YT channel:

5/ Lastly, food! Who doesn’t like a hearty stew/casserole or chilli cooked all day in the slow cooker. It’s the time of year for hearty home cooked food, lots of fruit and veg come into season and I love it after all the summer salads and berries. Halloween and Bonfire night I usually make sure I have something cooking all day, ready for when the kids come in from school so they can have something warm before they go out.


beef stew

So that’s my 5 ways I’m getting cosy and homely this Autumn. Let me know what you do in the colder months to make cosy in your home.

See you soon

                Kelly x



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