Our Weekly Round Up | No.11

Our weekly round up

Our weekly round up this week saw us preparing for Halloween, finishing Carson’s Christmas presents and having a bit of a budget food shop. We reached 1000 subs on our YouTube channel yey, and Chase finally went to the pet parlour and had a haircut.


Monday, as usual was a real rush getting up and ready. I don’t know why it’s so bad on a Monday, the rest of the week we seem to be ok. It was a cosy stay at home day with Carson, and he spent most of it playing with his Thomas trains.


It’s all about Thomas and Peppa at the moment

I made a roast for dinner with chicken, haven’t had one for a while and probably won’t do many now until Christmas.


Tuesday we finally took Chase for a haircut. He always looks like a brand new puppy after a good cut, but he must have been cold after he kept trying to snuggle up on any patch of sunlight he could find in the house.


aww he looks just as he did as a puppy

We also went Halloween shopping for some new decorations, as most of ours broke last year. I went to ASDA and B&M. they both had some great stuff very reasonably priced. You can see what I bought in a blog post here , and in action here:


James worked on Wednesday day, just so he could have Thursday off and still be off Wednesday night, which is our family night. We had homemade burgers and wedges for dinner. Everyone enjoyed it, which can be a bit of a rarity in our house. We watched the Bake off and it was Colby’s turn to go out, he had Benjamina and I was so surprised she went. She had been consistently good throughout and just had this one bad week. Thats the name of the game I suppose.


I went food shopping on Thursday which is strange as I usually go at the beginning of the week. I think it was because I was already in ASDA on Tuesday for Halloween bits and just didn’t get around to doing the food. I made a meal plan for the week as I had a budget I needed to stick to and it really worked for me. I came in at £7 under budget, all because I stuck to “the list”. I need to do that more often. I also finished off Carson’s Christmas presents, I’ve only got to get his Christmas outfit now. I lit my new Halloween candles in the evening, they smell so nice Pumpkin spice I think it is.


pumpkin spiced candles


I went to the hairdressers in the morning and got half a head of highlights. I didn’t get it cut, but realized when I was in there that the next time I get my hair done it will be for Christmas! Yikes! We had a new potato salad for dinner and then the girls went up to musical theartre. The kids were looking forward to the weekend, they are more than ready for half term. Colby and Courtney have only got four days next week as Friday is an inset day.

The weekend

The weather turned a bit milder the weekend, the heating had been on and it suddenly got stifling in here. Only Cerise and Casey had homework so that made things a bit easier.Idid my first Q&A over on YT which you can see here:

We had jacket potato on Saturday and sausage and mash on Sunday.Looking back over the week I think we had some sort of potato with every meal haha, not sure how that happened. The weekend ended on a nice note with the older getting some board games out of the garage and having a play. It was so nice to watch them. I used to watch them play together on a daily basis, but it’s getting less and less, so I treasure these little memories.


love moments like this

And that was our weekly round up, if you fancy seeing our week in action you can watch it here:

See you soon

                Kelly x


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