Our Weekly Round Up | No.12

Our Weekly Round Up

Our weekly round up this week is a bit of a quiet one. I think all the kids are really tired now we’re approaching half term, especially Courtney just starting high school. I think it’s been a lot for her to take in with everything being so new, and she has to be a little more independent and responsible now.


On Monday Colby went on a school trip to Liverpool Museum as part of his aspirational ambassador that he’s apart of. They listened to a talk by a professor of oncology about tumours, strangely he really enjoyed it. They also got to go to an American candy shop,so I’m sure that helped. We had a curry for dinner.

The twins then had a couple of games of Connect 4 and Guess Who. I then caught a cute little pic of Cerise later on giving her teds a cuddle.


having a cuddle


Tuesday I went and picked up Carson’s coat that he’s meant to be having for Christmas. We’ve decided to let him have it now as his one from last year is just way to small. He looks so cute in it.


Carson’s winter coat

We also went shopping I’ve tried hard the last couple of weeks to just put in the trolley the things I actually need for our meals for the week and nothing else. I have really saved some money by meal planning. You can see my haul here.


We went to town today so that we could upgrade Colby’s phone ready for his birthday next week. He got his phone two years ago for his 12th birthday and it lasted until a couple of weeks ago when he fell over in school and it flew out of his pocket and smashed. So he’s looking forward to getting that.

It was also the twins Harvest Festival and they both had a part in it. I love going to see them at church, they sing all the same songs that I used to sing at school.


Church for Harvest Festival

We had our usual Wednesday family night and watched the Bake Off. We even had a chocolate doughnut to have watching it this week.


Family time


A busy day at home on Thursday. James looked after Carson for a while while I caught up on a couple of blog posts and edited some vlogs for YT. We had a stirfry for dinner. I really enjoyed it ,we haven’t had a stirfry for ages and I did it with a sweet and sour sauce which I really like.

James went back to work in the evening and the girls went ballet. I lit the my hurricane lamp candle, it is spiced apple scented and made the whole house smell so nice.


Spiced apple candle


Friday I had Colby and Courtney at home with me, they broke up for half term yesterday, but Cerise and Casey finish today. It was nice having my two older ones at home, It’s not often I get just a couple at home with me. My vlog stars blog and vlog went live. I enjoyed joining in with this linky, it’s the first one I’ve done. The topic this week was dream dinner party guests. The blog post is here and the vlog is here:

The Weekend

A nice weekend knowing that they had all finished for the week. no rushing around trying to get homework done, or getting uniforms washed and packed lunches ready. It was a welcome rest ready for a busy week leading up to Colby’s birthday on Friday and then  Halloween. We’ve got a few days out planned for this week as well.

Courtney, Cerise and Casey did a video showing their Disney and Build A Bear collection:

They had a lot of fun making that!

If you want to catch this week live in action you can see it here:

See you soon

Kelly x




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