5 Toddler Development Milestones

I thought I’d do Carson’s 5 toddler development milestones update at 18 months old. Up until now he’s pretty much met the usual milestones either early or on time, but the older he’s getting the more things stand out. We all know they develop at their own pace but it’s good to have an idea of what usually happens when.

Carson at 18 months old


Carson seems to be the same as his brothers and sisters with speech. He has hardly any interest at all and literally says just mama and dada. The other four were exactly the same and were all “late talkers”. Casey never really strung a sentence together until he was 3. There were concerns at his nursery but I just knew it would come, and it did.

Of course everyone has advice. When I just had Colby people would say it was because he wasn’t around many people except me, so there wasn’t much interaction. Then when I had the twins and they were late talking it was because there was so many children they couldn’t be heard. And now with Carson it’s because he’s got a lot of older siblings they do all the talking for him. I am not worried a jot. He will talk when he’s ready and maybe he’s concentrating his efforts elsewhere at the moment. Like finding where we’ve hid the remote control or mobile phones.


Although his speech is taking a bit of time, like most toddlers he can understand what we say way more. He knows to get his books out of the cupboard, or “let’s change your nappy”. If I say “do you want breakfast/lunch/dinner/juice/milk he runs straight to the kitchen. “Get down” and “no” are two he definitely understands but doesn’t always act on. He knows to put his toys in the basket when told to tidy up. And the best one if he sits up in his cot and I say “lay down” bless him he does.

Potty Training

I’ve included this as it’s around now that people start to ask if I’ve started or when I’m starting. I never started potty training the older four until they were just over 2. That’s probably the norm nowadays. I never found it to be that bad to be honest. I’d ┬áset aside a week when I knew we were more or less staying at home, and just embrace the fact that for the first 48 hours or so I would be continuously asking if they needed ‘a wee’ or mopping one up.

It was only ever the first couple of days that were hard, after that of course there were accidents but they started to get the idea. Then at the end of the week I would plan a little outing with no nappy but some new underwear on that they had picked out. It worked every time and so I’m not starting potty training with Carson until a few months after his second birthday. If they’re not ready there’s not much point.

Eating and Feeding

Ok, this is where I have to hold my hand up and say I fail at this, I’ve always been the same, but with Carson I seem to have got worse, much worse, to the point James and I have argued over it even though I know he’s right.

In a nutshell I have a real genuine fear of choking (that I may do a separate blog post on). But it has started to have an effect on Carson and I know it’s not fair to him, and that it’s my problem.

He still has jars of baby food sometimes. Not through laziness but I know that the pieces of food in it will be small. I cut his food small and only really give him soft food like bread or soft cooked veg. James will give him more of a variety if I’m not in the room. He hasn’t learnt to hold food and bite it and will instead try to put whatever it is in his mouth whole, as he just hasn’t had the chance to do it. I feel bad and know I need to address this ASAP. His back teeth have really grown now and he’s chewing food properly which I think makes me feel better. This is the first time I’ve ever told anyone about this.

Play and Co-ordination

He’s just started to play with a bucket of Stickle bricks that were Colby’s, and I think these are his favourite things at the moment. He knows how they stick together, and how they pull apart. He likes it if one of us builds something like a car for him, and watches intently while we do it.

Other favourites at the moment are his scramble bug that he got for his 1st birthday.It’s a four-wheeled ride on. I put it out in the garage a few months back as it was really fast on our wooden floor and he kept falling backwards off it. It’s suitable for 12 months plus and I just brought it back in again. He now has much more control on it.

He likes his toot toot cars and garage and has now started to put the cars down the ramp instead of trying to climb and sit on top of the garage.

The thing that he has played with the most from around 6 months to now, are his stacking cups. There are 9 different sized cups in 9 different colours. They can be stacked on top of one another, or stacked inside one another. At 6 months old he just liked looking at the colours and the feel of the different edges. He then went on to liking someone build a tower for him,he would then knock them over and really laugh. Now he likes to build the tower his self. He doesn’t always get the right order, but I love the concentration on his face as he balances each cup.

Final thoughts

And that’s Carson’s 5 toddler development milestones. I don’t like to get too hung up on them but it’s nice to have a guide. At this age they are learning more than they will ever learn all at once. So of course they will be in front for some things and take a slower pace with others. Even my feeding issue will sort it self out. I’m sure by the time he’s 18 he’ll have stopped trying to shovel food into his mouth all in one go without chewing it….oh wait!!!!!

See you soon

kelly x



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