Our Pumpkin Picking Experience

On the Tuesday of half term we decided to follow the masses and go pumpkin picking. We knew we had left it a bit late as I’d seen so many lovely photos on FB and Instagram. We just explained to the kids we’d have to pick one up from the shops if there were none left. So this was our pumpkin picking experience.


Off we went to Church View Farm which is just a 10 minute drive from us. It was a glorious Autumn morning clear blue skies and quite mild considering the time of year.


Entrance to Church View Farm

We got the kids sorted with wellies and  coats. I wasn’t sure if or how muddy it was going to be, we hadn’t had rain for a couple of days so I didn’t think it would be too bad.


They were looking forward to pumpkin picking

We made our way to the entrance but I couldn’t see any signs of round orange ball shapes.


And this sign didn’t give me any hope.


But as we stood reading this a lady came over and welcomed us. We asked if there were any pumpkins left, she said there wasn’t very many as they’d been very busy over the last two weeks. Also the weekend just gone they’d had quite a bit of trouble with kids smashing the pumpkins and playing football with them. Not only that some people had been loading up their wheelbarrows ,cutting across the fields to their cars and loading up with pumpkins without paying. So they’d had a bad time of it.

But she was so nice and said we could take the kids down to have a look and gave us a wheelbarrow and even put a blanket in it for  Carson to sit on.

There was also lots of pumpkins boxed up that we could buy, so at least we knew we would be leaving with a pumpkin!


Carson was unsure about the wheelbarrow

img_7303  img_7305

The fields looked pretty empty but we let the kids have a run around to see if they could see any. You could see a lot of damaged and smashed pumpkins which was a real shame.


It was a race to see who could find one


Then lo and behold Courtney found the treasure, and held it up so everyone would know she won.


Courtney found a pumpkin

img_7324 img_7325

This made her extremely happy, and just made the others more determined.


Straight in the wheelbarrow it went


Our lone pumpkin

As James and the kids ran through the patches I took the longer route around just enjoying the view, it was such a lovely day.


lovely Autumn day

img_7320 img_7318

As I walked back around I could see a tractor in the distance, putting down lots more pumpkins for people to pick. There were also a lot more families coming in as well now.


pumpkins being put down

Of course now the kids could find some pumpkins.


Filling up the barrow

And they loved getting dirty.


Cerise finally got her pumpkin

They all had a great time picking them all.


The Danson family pumpkins

I thought that was it, but all the kids wanted to go and have a look at all the boxes of pumpkins at the front, so off we went.


Pumpkins, pumpkins and more pumpkins

img_7334  img_7337

I think they had just as much fun here as on the fields. Courtney ,Cerise and Casey then decided they wanted a “baby pumpkin” instead of a big one, so we changed them over and Colby kept a big one.


Carson had a fun day out too.


Finally we paid for our pumpkins and said goodbye to the lovely owners. Of course next year we’ll know to go a bit earlier, but we’ll definitely go back.

img_7310 img_7311 img_7339

James finally carved the big pumpkin yesterday and did a haunted house.


It really was a lovely day, the weather helped and the people were so nice. It didn’t matter that there wasn’t a field full up with pumpkins. The reception we got from  the owners more than made up for that.


See you soon

                 Kelly x



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