Our Weekly Round Up | No.13

Our Weekly Round up

After a week of half term and Halloween, I’m a day or two late with our weekly round up. But what a fab week we had. Looking back it was really busy and a bit tiring but the kids had a lot of fun and of course at the end of the week it was Colby’s 14th birthday. Yes we have survived our first year with a teenager.


I braved town (Liverpool city centre) with 5 children on my own on Monday. We got the train in, and it was the first time on a train for Carson he was fascinated by the train doors for some reason.


Carson’s first train journey

The rest just enjoyed the ride, it was a bit of a novelty for them.


Enjoying the train ride

We went to Primark first, so that they could pick out a couple of pairs of pajamas for Christmas. I usually pick them so they loved picking what ones they want. I did a YT on which ones they picked.

We got Colby’s Xbox game he wanted for his birthday and they had a look in the Disney shop. The girls got a mini Tsum Tsum each.

It was McDonalds for lunch ,which we could eat in peace as Carson had the longest nap ever at over 2 hours. This was a bit of luck as it meant we didn’t have to rush in and out of shops.

We were in town for about 5 hours in all, then got the train back and James met us at the station.


James now had a couple of days off and on Tuesday we went pumpkin picking in the morning, which w all enjoyed. You can read about it here.


Pumpkin Picking

We went back home for a couple of hours before James mum and dad came around to look after Carson. We all went to the cinema and half of us watched Trolls and the other half watched Jack Reacher. It worked out fine as they were on at the same time and next door to each other, just a 10 minute overlap at the end, but at least everyone got to see the film they wanted to see.

The girls dance school didn’t finish for half term which is unusual, so from 6pm-9pm that’s where we were.


We had a lovely day out on Wednesday. We went to the Liverpool museum which is near the city centre. I made a packed lunch as there’s a picnic area in there, and it’s free to get in, so we a very rare inexpensive day out for us. It was so interesting in there. James enjoyed it and he’s from Liverpool, I enjoyed and I’m not from Liverpool and the kids enjoyed even though they’ve been before with the school.


Outside the Liverpool museum

There’s 3 floors with different themes, and lots of interactive exhibits which of course the kids loved and on the top floor is a fantastic view of the river Mersey. I’m going to do a more in depth post about it soon, and you can see it in action on YT

We came out and had to go home and let the kids clean there teeth as they had a dental appointment at 4pm. All good and no one has had to have a filling yet.

We went home to settle down and watch the Bake off final, but just before it started we finally got the dessert from Shake Shack that the twins wanted on their birthday waffles and shakes all round.

Cerise won the Bake off.


After such a busy few days, we had a day in. James finally got round to carving the big pumpkin. He decided to do a haunted house and was very pleased with end result.


James haunted house

We nipped out in the afternoon, dropping Colby off at his friends on the way. We just wanted to get him a balloon and gift bag for his birthday tomorrow.

Once all the kids were in bed we put the balloons up including some that light up.


Light up balloons

The pack said they last for 15 hours but some were still lit up 5 days later.


So Friday it was our oldest, Colby’s 14th birthday. We had been asking for a while what he wanted to do and if he wanted to go out with his friends, but he was happy to go bowling with us and then have takeaway pizza for his birthday tea. So that’s what we did.


Colby’s birthday

He got a couple of Xbox games, some money and sweets and a new phone from us. He was pleased as he had smashed his phone a month or so ago after looking after it for 2 years.

We went to the bowling alley at the Trafford centre and paid for an hours bowling. I took Carson for a walk as it would have been too much to expect him to sit in the pram that long. When I got back they had really enjoyed some time with just their dad.

We had a little look round after and took a photo near the sphinx that they always like to sit on.


The sphinx at the Trafford centre

The girls had musical theatre and so we had pizza when they came home. James went back to work later in the evening, but it had been a really lovely few days and all of us enjoyed the family time.

The Weekend

I had a busy day on Saturday, because of the last few days I need to catch up on Blog posts and vlogs. I also hadn’t done any housework or washing, and that’s what I did from the moment I got up until the moment I went to bed. It was a long and busy day. I was also trying to do a bit of Halloween prep as well.


Halloween goodies

Cerise had her usual panto rehearsals at her dance school. I had to roll her hair ready for tomorrow.


Sunday I carried on with hoovering and sorting out all the kids uniform for school, and making sure all homework was up to date after their week off.

Cerise had more panto rehearsals at the dance mums studio, they had a photo shoot for the panto booklet. They learnt 3 more dances.


Panto rehearsals

And that was our really busy weekly round up, we had some nice family time and enjoyed a couple of days out.

As usual you can see our week in action on YT


See you soon

                Kelly x










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