5 Christmas Gifts for Toddlers

Carson has just turned 18 months old, so I thought I would show 5 Christmas gifts for toddlers. They are gifts that we have bought him for Christmas. It’s been a long while since we had a toddler, so it was fun to look at all the new toys that are out for 18 months plus.


5 Christmas Gifts For Toddlers


1.  This is his main present. Its made by Oball Go Grippers, and it’s the bounce and zoom speedway. It comes with one Go Gripper car and we’ve bought him another one to go with it. It has a few ramps for the cars to zoom around, you never know which route the cars are going to pick . There’s a big claw that lifts the cars and drops them on the bounce pad at the bottom.

The cars have the distinctive geometric holes. That make it easier for toddlers to hold, which makes this type of play more fun for them. The cars are for 6 months + and the speedway 2+.


Oball Go Grippers Bounce and Zoom Speedway from Smyths Toy Shop £39.99



Includes one Go Gripper car

2. This is probably my favourite gift for him, it reminds me of my roots. It’s a wooden London bus with 8 wooden colourful passengers. There’s also a driver and it has an upstairs and downstairs with little holes for the passengers to fit it. I think that’s what Carson will enjoy doing the most, putting the people on and off.

There are colourful  seats to match the passengers, so helps with colour matching. It is suitable for 12 months +


Wooden Double Decker Bus by ELC from Mothercare £20.00



Includes 8 Passengers

3. Sticking with the wooden toy theme are these skittles. You get a wooden ball and 6 numbered animal skittles. Each skittle is a diiferent colour and they can roll or throw the ball to knock them over.

It is suitable for 12 months +


Wooden Animal Skittles by George fr om ASDA £8.00

3. Carson absolutely loves Peppa Pig, but a lot of the toys are for age 3+, but they recently added Peppa to the Weebles range which is suitable for younger children.

This is a playhouse playground with a wind up slide, a swing and a roundabout that turns when you twist the flower. It also includes a Peppa Pig weeble, that wobbles but doesn’t fall down. You can also purchase other weeble Peppa Pig characters separately.


Peppa Pig Wind and Wobble Playhouse from Smyths Toy Shop £21.99



Includes Peppa Pig Weeble

Star Links made by ELC are 12 colourful star shapes that link together to make different shapes.

The pointed ends of the stars are bigger and rounded making it easy for little hands to slot them together. It helps with co-ordination and learning colours.


Star Links by ELC from Mothercare £5.00



Includes 12 colourful links

That was my 5 Christmas gifts for toddlers. I think Carson will get a lot of play and learning from that selection. What have you got for your toddlers? or any age children?

See you soon

Kelly x





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