Our Weekly Round Up | No.14

Our Weekly Round Up

We start our weekly round up this week with Halloween of course. We had a fab day. The rest of the week was pretty quiet and the weather has definitely turned colder, it’s been quite mild up to now. I’m glad though as our grass has just had its final cut until the end of March and I don’t want it to grow to quick haha. Cerise had her photo shoot for the local paper, for being in the Cinderella panto. The girls are working really hard for it.


Cerise and the Loretta Legge Panto girls


So yep Monday was Halloween, but of course it was also the kids first day back at school after half term. It was probably a good thing as it meant I could finish putting the decs up and setting the table with out them persecuting me.


Our Halloween Table


Our Pumpkin Patch


Halloween Treats

We had a big pot of Chilli cooked in the slow cooker for dinner, with nachos and crusty bread. We then let the kids put their costumes on and went trick or treating for about an hour an a half.


Casey Zombie Jester


Cerise Zombie Rock star


Courtney Zombie Cheerleader

The kids got a bag load of sweets and treats each. We ten came home and answered the door to more trick or treaters and let the kids eat too many sweets. It was a lovely day though, and you can see it in action here:


A very tired day after Halloween, I went to the walk in clinic to get my bloods done, I’m getting checked for Ashermans Syndrome, which is scarring in the uterus. After 4 c-sections it very likely.

We then went for a walk around Taskers and looked in their Christmas department. They had some really lovely displays.


Taskers Christmas display


Musical Light up Ferris Wheel


Skating Village

I came out of there wanting to put the tree up, but James will have none of that until after his birthday on the 21st November! The rest of the day was taken up with the usual dance classes.


We had a pretty quiet day today, half term and Halloween had really worn me out. James and I just stayed in all day and caught up with some housework. Because James had Halloween off he was going back into work tonight.

We still had our family night without him though, but the kids had to watch a film now that the Bake off has finished. It took them nearly an hour to decide and it ended up being Monsters Inc University. Cerise and Casey then started persecuting one another, until told to stop! I had candles burning.



The twins came home with a letter from school about a residential trip next July to Lincolnshire. Cerise wants to go, but Casey doesn’t he’s always said he won’t go on the residentials.

They are in year 5 but are in a class with year 6 as well, and earlier in the week they both got moved on to year 6 tables to do year 6 work which was pretty cool.

I then had to pop to ASDA and get Carson a new juice cup as he’s bit through the spout o his old one grr, I got him this NUBY one.


Carson’s new NUBY cup

I wasn’t sure he’d be able to do it but he just tipped his head back and drank from it. It doesn’t leak either and comes with a lid.


On Friday I caught up with vlogging and blog posts. I filmed a winter haul which you can see here:

which included our new friendly fox Clive, he sits next to our basket of blankets looking Autumny.


Clive the Fox

I also did a blog post on a few of the bits we’ve got Carson for Christmas, you can see that here.

I made a roast dinner, we probably won’t have many more now until Christmas. Cerise then had her hair rolled up for tomorrow.

The Weekend

The kids made rice Krispie cakes on Saturday, they did them on their own adding mini marshmallows and decorated with mini Smarties.


The kids Rice Krispie cakes

We then took Cerise to her rehearsals, her hair had to be curled as the dance school were doing a photo shoot with the girls who are doing the Cinderella Panto. I think they’re going in the local paper.


Loretta Legge Theatre School


Cinderella Panto Girls

While Cerise was in there, we went and tried the new Costa Christmas range. James had toasted marshmallow hot chocolate which he said just tasted like normal hot choc. I had orange hot chocolate which was delicious. It tasted like lots of melted orange smarties. Yum!


Costa Orange Hot Chocolate

Sunday was a very busy day work wise, The kids done their homework and I hoovered sorted out the washing and finished the weekly blog and vlog which you can see here:


See you soon

                Kelly x






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