Our Weekly Round Up | No.15

Our Weekly Round Up

Our weekly round up this week saw us getting into the first signs of the Christmas spirit. It’s still 5 or 6 weeks away, but now that Halloween and Bonfire night have gone it’s time to start serious Christmas planning. I’m well over halfway there on the present buying front and I’ve finished Carson’s which is good. One child down four to go.


We went to town on Monday, I wanted to get Carson his Christmas outfit but I just didn’t find anything. It really irritates me that there is just so much more choice for girls clothing. So I came away having a bit of a moan. I also went into Lush and got a few Christmas presents, well stocking fillers.

We sneaked in a Christmas toasted marshmallow hot choc from Costa.


Costa Toasted Marshmallow Hot Chocolate

James cooked dinner which was a nice break, it was Spaghetti Bolognese and was very nice. We also did something we don’t generally do and went to ASDA in the evening with the kids. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be, and the kids were good which helps.


So after the disappointment of yesterday we headed to the Trafford Centre to see if I could find anything for Carson there. John Lewis had some lovely fox related tops and jumpers but it was in the baby section and although it goes up to 24 months they didn’t really look that big. Instead I headed to Next and managed to get him 3 jumpers, a shirt and a pair of jeans, so I was pleased about that. They were more winter looking than Christmas looking, so at least he can wear them after Christmas.


Toy Motif Jumper £14.00 Next


We had a day in today , I had a catch up on blog posts and vlogs, and we made old  favourite for dinner, mince and mash with cabbage, even the kids eat this without moaning. Carson has got into a habit of climbing on things and standing there giving himself a clap.


Carson giving himself a clap

We had a lovely family night and watched Christmas with the Kranks. This was so funny as we kept seeing mistakes in the film and spent more time looking out for them. I couldn’t believe how many there were. After the kids went to bed we watched Missing which is still as complicated as ever.

I had a toddler haul go live on YT with Carson’s gifts if you fancy a look


On Thursday I went back to school, quite literally, parents were allowed to go into their child’s class for an hour in the morning. So off I went with these two cheeky monkeys


Twinnies Cerise and Casey

They are learning about the Blitz at the moment and they are only 2 out of 5 children in a class of year 6 and they are year 5. The work was quite hard I thought, interesting but hard. I certainly wasn’t doing that content of work at that age, times have changed greatly in school. The teacher said himself that he never learnt about the Blitz until he was around 13 or 14.

I was in there for nearly an hour and a half and sat in the middle of them both. I helped them write a diary as if they were a child living through the Blitz.


Today was busy work wise, I’m trying to get the house in some sort of tidy and clean order for Christmas. Once the tree and decorations go up it gets hard to do any kind of deep cleaning.

So today I cleaned the downstairs toilet and then spent a good hour going through the girls wardrobe and sorting out what fits and what doesn’t.


Basically anything that didn’t fit Courtney went to Cerise and anything that didn’t fit Cerise either got throw out or put aside for the charity bags that come around.

The Weekend

On Saturday I took Cerise up to her Panto rehearsals and then finally wrapped up Carson’s presents as they had been sat in the conservatory for a couple of weeks. I actually don’t mind wrapping presents. It comes from my days working in the card shop as gift wrap was my section.


I also rehashed my first blog post, about my reasons for blogging. There were so many mistakes in it where I really rushed to get it off my chest. It look better now.You can read that here.

On Sunday it was Colby’s turn to make Rice Krispie cakes, and I think this was the best batch we’ve made the rice Krispie to mini marshmallow ratio seemed better haha.

Sunday evening we had family night and watched one of our favourite programmes. I’m a celebrity Get me out of here. The kids love this so much and this year I’m finally letting the twins stay up to watch it too.

So that was another of our weekly round up.  f course you can see it all in action on YT


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