Our First Year With A Teenager

So last month our oldest, Colby turned fourteen. We have survived our first year with a teenager, and hot on his heels are Courtney, Cerise and Casey. So how has it been. Well, to be honest not that bad. That’s not to say there hasn’t been no changes, there definitely has, I just feel a bit more hopeful that our home won’t become a complete melting pot of hormones in a couple of years with four teenagers under our roof.

Colby’s lucky in that his birthday has always fallen on the October half term bar one. One year it fell on the Monday after half term and he couldn’t believe he had to go to school! This year his birthday has been at the end of half term, and he chose to go bowling and have a take away pizza for dinner. We had a few days out in the week at the museum and into town shopping to get his birthday present so he’s had a nice birthday week.



One of the biggest changes is how much he’s grown, for a couple of years it felt like he never grew at all and he was the shortest out of all his friends. But over the summer he’s had a massive spurt and he’s the same height as me now. So obviously in a few months time he will be taller than me, which feels really strange. Of course he’s totally lost his little boy voice too

Another thing that has changed is how his relationship with his siblings has changed, with Courtney especially. I think it’s mostly to do with the fact that Courtney has started high school too. So they are now spending more time together getting to and from school. I watch them leave to walk to the bus stop and I always thought they would walk a mile apart from one another, but no, they actually walk side by side HAVING A CONVERSATION! It brings a smile to my face every morning.

A change that I’m not so keen on, is the amount of time he spends in his room. I know it’s totally normal, but he will happily come home from school on a Friday and stay there until Monday morning. He’s up there playing the Xbox, watching TV and watching videos on YouTube. So few months back we made Sunday nights family night, which means we all get together downstairs and either watch a film or play a game. He’s slowly started coming round to this idea and now enjoys it. So I’m really glad we started it.

His younger brother Carson is only 18 months old, but already interacts differently with Colby. He sees him as another adult rather than the way he plays with the other 3 kids. Colby is brilliant with him and has the patience of a saint. I can see little signs of the kind of dad he’ll be, maybe one day.

For the first time he’s starting to make more mature decisions on his own. He doesn’t always need our input which has been nice to watch. Recently all the year 9’s in his school had to drop an option subject. He had to choose between Geography and Spanish. Now he loves Geography and last month was predicted a grade 9 at G.C.S.E, which is the new equivalent of the A*. In Spanish he was predicted ‘just’ a B grade equivalent and he doesn’t really enjoy the lessons. So I was pleasantly surprised when he made the decision to drop Geography and carry on with Spanish as he knows a language will open more doors for him.

So on the whole even though our lives are all going through a transitioning phase at the moment, from child to teen, it’s not as scary as I thought.

Teenagers, there’s nothing else on earth quite like them.

See you soon

                Kelly x







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