Our Christmas Plans

Well, I would say half way through November is a reasonable time to talk about our Christmas plans. James birthday is on the 21st November and that’s when we can start doing the serious planning. Christmas presents get wrapped, cards get wrote and the decorations come out the loft.


I’m also doing Vlogmas this year over on my YouTube channel, which is where you put a video up every day in December or at least until Christmas day. So we’re doing lots of things in the lead up to Christmas, My vlogmas video schedule is:

1st  December Our Christmas decorations are up

2nd December Making a gingerbread house

3rd December The kids Christmas lists

4th December Making paper chains and writing Christmas cards

5th December Kids Q&A

6th December Carson’s first Santa visit

7th December Day in the life Christmas shopping

8th December Christmas when I was young

9th December Our Christmas food shop no.1

10th December My Christmas Q&A

11th December Christmas baking

12th December Christmas cleaning

13th December Building our Lego Christmas house

14th December Christmas wrapping

15th December Christmas drinks

16th December Family night & games

17th December Day in the life Courtney’s birthday

18th December Day in the life Cerise has her first Panto

19th December Day in the life A winter walk

20th December The Christmas hampers

21st December The Christmas stockings

22nd December Day in the life Christmas market

23rd December Day in the life Our 15th anniversary

24th December Our Christmas food shop no.2

25th December Our Christmas eve

26th December Our Christmas day

27th December Colby’s Christmas gifts

28th December Courtney’s Christmas gifts

29th December Cerise’s Christmas gifts

30th December Casey’s Christmas gifts

31st December Day in the life Happy New Year

So that’s Vlogmas all planned out, just hope I can do it.

Our Christmas tree and decorations go up on the 30th November, all ready for the advent calendars and the Christmas countdown. James last night at work is the 15th December and straight away we’re busy the next day. Not only does Cerise have her final tech rehearsals with the rest of the cast for her Cinderella Panto it’s also Courtney’s birthday. She wants to go into Liverpool and have a chinese meal and spend her birthday money. Cerise’s rehearsal is in town so that all works out ok.

The next day the 17th is Cerise’s first Panto show and just me and Courtney are going to see it today.

She also has a show the next day the 18th her nan and cousins are going to watch her in this one along with me and Courtney again.

The 19th the boys all have a football match, which is neither exciting or Chritmassy. So we’ll just gloss over that day.

The afternoon of the 20th Cerise has another show that just me and James are going to see. The other 3 will still be in school as they break up quite late this year.

By the 21st all the kids will have broken up and we are off to the empire in the evening to see the Aladdin Panto. These tickets were bought for our anniversary before we knew Cerise had a part at the echo arena.

The 22nd is mine and James 15th wedding anniversary. It’s also Cerise’s final panto performance and I can’t think of a better way to spend it. We are all going to see her in this one.

The 23rd is when Christmas really starts for us. We all get up at 6 am with a promise of hot chocolate and McDonald’s breakfast and hit the shops for 7 am to get our Christmas turkey and vegetables. We like to get there early and beat most of the crowds. Once we get back from here we shut the door and Christmas has begun. James is doing no more driving and can finally have a drink. We play games all night and have a nice meal.

Ahh Christmas Eve my favourite day of the holiday season. I get up earlier than everyone else and switch on the tree lights and get a bit reflective, as nice as Christmas is, it definitely makes you think of missing loved ones and people who may not be as fortunate.

When the kids get up they can have the hamper we make. It has things like Christmas books, activity books, pajamas, hot chocolate, sweets, Christmas films and sometimes a game. They love this hamper as much as their presents and we’ve been doing this since Colby was about 4. I prep tomorrows dinner and we eat a fairly early dinner on this day. After we’ve eaten we wrap up and take the dog for a walk around our area looking at all the houses that are lit up. It’s only for about half an hour but it just gets us out a stuffy house.

When we come back we get our PJ’s on and settle down to watch a Christmas film and read the Christmas books, all with hot chocolate and treats. Of course before the kids go up to bed we leave a drink and mince-pie for Santa and a carrot for Rudolph.

Once they’re in bed me and James watch  TV and wait it out for everyone to go to sleep.

The big day. It starts with all 5 kids waking us up, the older 4 showing us what they got in their stocking. We then all get showered and dressed before we go downstairs. We’ve always done it this way as then they can all just get on with the day. But once we get downstairs I’m still mean and won’t let them open the living room door until they’ve had breakfast. Even just a glass of orange juice will do.

Then finally they can go in the living room and see if the man in red has been. They all have their presents in a set position and off they go. James is there with his screwdriver and I’m there with my rubbish bag, and it’s such a happy moment.

After presents I go off to prep dinner and James helps  set up any toys or puts batteries in things.

We then wait for James family to come round, usually between 11 and 1pm. They then leave to have their own dinner and we sit down to ours. We generally have it around 2pm , which means we have the rest of the day to relax and do what we want. This usually involves lots of game playing, eating nibbles, having drinks and watching Christmas TV. It’s never really a late one Christmas night as we’re all so tired from getting up so early.

Boxing day is pretty much the same, but I don’t do another roast dinner. We usually have a buffet style and let everyone pick at what they want with salads, cheese, pickles and Turkey.

The next day is James last day off and I do another Roast. Over the next few days I do another small food shop and get a few bits in for the new year. James will be at work on New Years Eve, and so me and the kids have our own little party . The kids stay up we put music on and play games. If James can get back to the house to see in the new year with us then he will.

And that is how our Christmas usually pans out. We would normally have a few days out in the lead up to it. But with Cerise in the panto this year that’s what we’re spending a few days doing instead. I’m looking forward to it all.

You can also see our Christmas plans on YT

Let me know what your plans or traditions are.

See you soon

Kelly x


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