Our Weekly Round Up | No.16

Our weekly round up this week in saw us have a bit of a bad start, that got worse before it got better. Cerise and Casey had review day at school and Cerise had a full weekend of rehearsals that has left her exhausted. I’ve got a feeling winter bugs are going to start doing the rounds in here, We’re definitely due some.


James wasn’t meant to be off today, but his cab broke down. He came home in a van and later found out the engine has gone in the car. It’s less than two years old so not good. It also means we won’t have a car big enough for all of us until it’s fixed, which by the sounds of it is going to be a while.

We headed out to Costco, Argos and the Everton shop, I got Casey 3 Christmas presents so I’m getting there.


Everton shop

We just had a nice family night and watched I’m a Celebrity.


James got given a replacement car although not a 7 seater, a Skoda. At least he can go to work now so that’s good. I went and picked up a game that we’re going to play at Christmas. It’s called Think Words and looks good. Mainly because it’s pretty simple instructions and it doesn’t take a long time to set up, which ca n only be a good thing, especially in our house.

We then went to ASDA and got a pretty big shop, I needed it we had ran out of a lot.


Part of an ASDA shop

James went back to work and the girls had tap and modern. Casey had to miss football this week which he wasn’t to happy about. James bought him a couple of packs of match attacks which made up for it.


What a morning! I spent most of it on the phone to my bank and O2. Long story short, I paid my phone bill and they said it was declined but my bank was saying that it wasn’t declined and that O2 had it. You can imagine I was back and forth on the phone between the two. After 3 hours and 7 phone calls it still wasn’t sorted. There was a stand off between the 2 companies and my money was in no mans land. Aarrgghh. Frustrated I was.

Poor Carson had to entertain his self while I was on the phone but found a new game of climbing on the sofa from the end of it, and the getting of the normal way. Back to end climb up and so on and so on.

I cheered myself up by turning on some twinkly lights, always does the job!


Feeling festive with a few little lights

Cerise and Casey had an excellent review, they are really enjoying their class this year. I think it will be their favourite.


I had to do an extra video for my YT channel today. For some reason 2 uploaded on Tuesday instead of 1. So I did a kitchen tour on the quick I hadn’t tidied any of the cupboards, so it really was a case of what you see is what you get. oops!

The girls had ballet and singing and Colby said he got the highest in his maths test at school today which we were pleased about. He’s doing really well in school this year, I’m glad as it’s not to far away until he’s preparing for G.C.S.E’s


It was Children In Need, but I’d left it too late to buy any spotty related items for the twins to wear to school. Cerise found an old dress and Casey literally had a piece of material wrapped around his head like Pudsey bear.


Parenting fail for Children In Need

I cracked on with some Christmas and Vlogmas prep today I vlogged Cerise’s gifts and wrapped them up, which took a couple of hours while Carson had a nap.


shiny red paper for Cerise

We had a lovely casserole in the slow cooker today, The weather was so bad today, hail, wind and rain. I nipped out and got a couple of cards for James birthday on Monday.

The Weekend

It was a constant round of rehearsals for Cerise this weekend. I took her on Saturday and just waited up there for an hour and a half while James stayed home with the others.


She’s working hard

Courtney went swimming with some new friends from school which was nice for her. She had a nice time. Cerise spent the afternoon playing with the stickle bricks with Carson which he loved.


Playing with Carson

After a while though I found Cerise crashed out on the floor , she’s so worn out.


Totally worn out

She had another 4 hours rehearsals on Sunday, but wasn’t to tired when she came out, We all made rice Krispie cakes on Sunday evening for James birthday.


Melted chocolate


James ended up having the night off and we played a Harry Potter trivia game.

So another weekly round up for us, don’t forget you can see it all in action.

See you soon

                Kelly x













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