5 winter Favourites

Yep! It’s creeping up on us, so I thought I’d share my 5 winter favourites.

We are starting to leave behind the mild and colourful days of Autumn. The leaves are off the trees and there is now a definite little nip in the air.


My 5 winter favourites

Every time a season starts I declare it my favourite. A couple of months ago with Summer looking and feeling really worn and tired, I shouted from the rooftops that Autumn was without a doubt my favourite season. I even wrote about getting getting cosy and homely .But wait, all of a sudden with Christmas on the horizon and thoughts of twinkly lights and Festive jumpers, I may have changed mind. So what things do I want or need to make this season my favourite:

1. My Shippers

I got my Ugg slippers for Christmas last year. The kids promptly named them shippers as the thick sole means you can wear them outside without them getting ruined (not that I wear them outside of course, but I have been known to take the bin out in them).

They are so warm and toasty that come the summer months I couldn’t wear them, my feet were just to hot. So now that the floors in our house are starting to get really cold,out the shippers have come.

2. Hand Cream

Our heating has been on for a couple of weeks now, and while we don’t have it set really high, it’s on at a constant temperature. This means inevitably dry skin, my face, arms ,hands and legs in particular.

I moisturize in a morning but my hands are in and out of water all day, so I keep my French Lavender hand cream near me. It came from Bath and Body Works and has a beautiful classic lavender scent.

3. Candles and Twinkly Lights

OK so that’s two things but they both achieve the desired effect, a lovely soft warm glow.

I think this really is my favourite thing about the long dark months of winter. There’s nothing better than lighting a few candles and getting cosy, and then of course when Christmas starts approaching out come those twinkly lights.

Last year I couldn’t bear to put them away after Christmas, so I kept one set of lights out and draped them on a shelf in the kitchen. I’ve just started putting them on again and it’s made me look forward to putting our tree up next week.

4. Vaseline

Any time I’m out and about in Winter my lips really suffer. They dry out and then crack and bleed. The only thing that sorts it out is a tin of trusty old Vaseline.

I’ve tried all sorts of lip salves but none work as good. I use it for lots of things and so do the kids. If I have a cold and the tissues are making my nose sore I dab a bit on. If Carson has nappy rash it’s great for that too. It’s very versatile is Vaseline.

5. Jigsaw puzzle

Aah, it wouldn’t be the run up to Christmas without a Jigsaw puzzle on the go. Every December we get a Christmas puzzle out and set it up on the living room table. We do the obvious thing of sorting out the corners and sides, and then anyone can do as much as they want over the next few weeks until Christmas Eve.

We then take a picture of it and put it away. It’s just another fun way to count down to Christmas and the kids love it, we don’t always finish it though.

And that’s a little look at a few of my 5 Winter favourites. It’s a lovely homely season and lots of chances for family time, which is always a good thing. Of course come Spring, I’ll be shouting from the rooftops how Spring is absolutely my favourite season ever. But for now winter has my heart.

See you soon

                Kelly x




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