My Thyroidectomy Leading To My Keloid Scar

My Thyroidectomy Leading To My Keloid Scar


My Keloid Scar

January 1995, after finding a lump in my neck six months previous, I was finally going under the knife to have it removed. I was 20 at the time, and really worried. I was warned that obviously it could be a cancerous lump.

I’d had an Isotope scan, which had shown that the lump was bleeding inside, and was growing on one half of my thyroid gland. They checked my thyroid levels and they were ok, not over or under active. It was after the isotope that they said it needed coming out pretty quick.

So out the lump came. It was a partial thyroidectomy and I spent a week in hospital, with my chin on my chest as I couldn’t even lift it an inch after the operation. I was in quite a bit of pain but slept most of the first 2 days.

On day 5 I got the drain taken off, it was so painful coming out and I was totally unprepared. I’ve never forgotten it and they never pre warned me either. Straight after, they took the stitches out, this didn’t hurt at all. The consultant came round and said everything looked ok, but that I’d have an appointment come through to see him.

I asked why my scar wasn’t in the usual place that a Thyroidectomy scar is. It was quite a bit lower down on my chest rather than in my neck crease. He said he could see that a chicken pox scar that was already on my chest had over healed, and he thought correctly that this scar would too. I didn’t ask anymore about it at that point.

And so that was it, 3 months later and I had an appointment. I had already guessed it was nothing sinister as they would have let me know

The consultant said the lump was a benign tumour caused by a lack of Iodine in my diet from childhood.

This was absolutely true, I had major issues with food as a young child and barely ate. My mum took me to the doctors countless times, and they always just said I would eat when I was hungry. The problem was I just didn’t like any food, fussy was an understatement. I was hospitalized as I was crying in pain from stomach cramps and constipation.

This went on for most of my early childhood, but I did get better with age and am obviously nowhere near as bad now. But it just goes to show how important early childhood nutrition and diet is.

I had started to notice now that although my scar was healing, it was also becoming slightly raised and red. I asked him about it and he explained that I have Keloid Scar Tissue. It’s an excessive growth of scar tissue that occurs after an injury or surgery. They are raised and bumpy and just continue to grow.


It’s red, raised and angry-looking

It is more common in darker skinned people and mainly occurs in the upper part of the body, which is true as I have had 4 C-sections and my scar is hardly noticeable.

So twenty years after surgery and my scar has faded inwards, as it used to go from one side of my neck to the other. But it has grown wider quite a bit. It’s really unsightly and I spent most of my 20’s either covering it up or looking for ways to reduce it. I spent months and months wearing a silicone gel sheet that used to cost £70.00 from Boots. It never did a thing and you can now buy it for a lot cheaper than that.

Doctors don’t advise cutting them out, as the scar it would leave could be worse than the original. I believe you can now have steroids injected in them but I don’t know how effective that would be.

They can become a little bit sore. I especially noticed during my pregnancy’s they would become really sore, red and itchy. The doctor blamed it on hormones.

Of course people stare, who wouldn’t, and I used to try covering it up with scarves and roll neck tops. But the older I’ve got the less I care and sometimes I even forget it’s there, until I’m talking to someone and I see their eyes drift down. It’s in such a prominent position. Over the years people have come to their own conclusion. Have I swallowed a chicken bone, or been slashed by a knife, I’ve heard quite a few.

It’s part of me now, my kids have only known me with it, so I guess it’s here to stay.

I spoke a little about it over on YT

See you soon

                Kelly x



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