Our Weekly Round Up | No.17

Our Weekly Round Up

As I sit writing our weekly round up I’m full of germs and feel so rough. Cerise wasn’t too well in the week and I think it’s just going to do the rounds now. Throat hurts, full of cold but feel worse because I’ve had no sleep. I really hope this is all we’ll get this side of Christmas, but I won’t hold my breath.


Well today was James 38th birthday. The weather was so bad we headed for The Trafford Centre. It was lovely and Christmassy, their decorations are fab.


The Trafford Centre

James got a new tracksuit for his birthday, but we didn’t get much else. His mum and dad came round after school to look after Carson.

We all then went to a Toby Carvery as that’s what James fancied. Then onto the showcase where we saw Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them. We all enjoyed this, although the twins found the story line a bit hard to follow.


Cerise felt a bit unwell in the morning, and I was expecting to get a phone call from school. She battled on and even went to dance in the evening.

I went to ASDA and got a Christmas jumper for me and the girls, as well as the food shop.


New Christmas Jumpers

We then came home and did the dreaded get the Christmas decs out of the loft job. I’m not putting them up until next week but just want to be prepared. It didn’t take that long, we just had to drag them from upstairs into the conservatory, where it now looks a right mess.


The boys all got haircuts after school today, James took them all, and also made an eye appointment for Courtney next week. Her glasses have just broke so it needs sorting. We had chicken, boiled potatoes and veg for dinner today, I had it on the table when they came in. James went straight out to work after as he’s had an extra night off this week.

We all just watched I’m a celebrity, I had a moan at them all half way through though, because as soon as the adverts come on they all regress to 5 year olds and start being loud and mucking about. Now if it was earlier in the evening I wouldn’t mind but at nearly 10 o’clock they’re lucky to be up and watching it. They stopped mucking about but then all sat there trying not to laugh haha, kids who’d have em!


I worked most of the day on a blog post about my keloid scar, it’s from an operation to remove half my thyroid, as I was writing it I couldn’t believe it was over 20 years ago that I had it done It really doesn’t feel that long ago.

The girls had ballet and I had to buy Cerise some new white ballet shoes ready for the panto, I can’t believe how much we’ve had to fork out for her to be in it. We also have to do all her own hair and make up. I feel a bit naive to be honest.


I bought the rest of the kids Christmas wrapping paper today, just so I’m ready to wrap when I’ve completely finished. Cerise and Carson are the only ones that are done and I’ve already wrapped theirs.

I filmed 3 videos for Vlogmas and scheduled them, so that’s a big help. Here’s a peek at one of the thumbnails.


The Weekend

I had a super busy weekend. I started putting a few decs up, edited the weekly vlog, took Cerise up to dance in a cab. It’s really just to give James a break, so he’s not straight in from work and then straight back out again.

The kids were itching to make the gingerbread house, so we did, and oh my days never again. Ever. A 3 minute video for Vlogmas took well over an hour, it was a disaster. We’ve never made one before and I’d know next time that generally the icing doesn’t work as glue. As soon as it dried the house fell apart. I didn’t even have any proper glue to use, so resorted to using Pritt Stick. It has just about held together, but we didn’t decorate it as much as we wanted in case it fell apart again. The glue also means they can’t eat it, so they were a bit disappointed. Never mind.


Our Gingerbread corner

And that was our weekly round up. Of course it’s all starting to get a bit busy and festive, which is just how I like it. You can also see this week in action

See you soon

                  Kelly x




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