Children’s Books For Christmas

Children’s books for Christmas. It’s a definite given in our house that in with all the plastic toys and video games, there will always be a much looked forward to book. Just the same as when I was a child.

This post is in partnership with Penguin Random House Children’s Books. They very kindly sent three books (I had no idea what they would be), they just knew the kids ages.


So we got sent:

Girl Online by Zoe Sugg (Zoella)

Diary of Wimpy Kid | Double Down by Jeff Kinney

The Racehorse Who Wouldn’t Gallop by Clare Balding

What an excellent selection, and I knew straight away who would love which book.


Girl Online by Zoe Sugg

Courtney who is 12 in less than a month loves Zoella and that includes any Zoella products. This is Zoe’s third novel in her bestselling Girl Online series.

The series follows Penny a fifteen year old girl who blogs under the name Girl Online. She blogs about all different things, school, family, her panic attacks and of course love.

The story lines will really interest Courtney, as she has reached an age now where she has outgrown some of her much-loved books.


Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney

This is the eleventh book in the hugely popular Diary of  Wimpy Kid series

It follows the trials and tribulations of Greg Heffley, and in this newest book, Greg’s mum wants him to put his video controller down and find his creative side. Greg gets the idea to make a movie, but will it get his mum off his case? or will it just make more trouble for Greg?

All four of my older kids will read this, but I will wrap it up for Casey. He’s not a big reader but he loves this series and has been waiting for this new release.


The Racehorse Who Wouldn’t Gallop by Clare Balding

This book is spot on for Cerise. She is just like the lead character 10 year old Charlie, and would love to have her own pony. (It’s not going to happen) but hey that’s what books are for, escaping reality and living your dreams.

Charlie Bass somehow manages to buy a race horse, Noble Warrior He’s fit and healthy but just won’t gallop. Charlie believes in him, but needs to prove to everyone else that he can do it. Can Noble warrior get over his fears for Derby Day and help stop Charlie’s family farm from being repossessed?

I was a real book-worm as a child, and get a lot of pleasure seeing my children immerse themselves in a book. I would read such a wide variety of different books, but the ones that I’ve passed onto my children are the Penguin Well Loved Tales stories, especially Cinderella I would look at the pictures of her three dresses for ages. The blue dress was the best and I always wanted my mum to make me one.

Another set of books I’ve passed on are the Enid Blyton Faraway Tree series, and Wishing chair series. I totally lost myself in those books for hours, reading them again and again. I’d then use my toys to act out different scenes from the books.

Reading was such a big part of my life as a child and still is today. I love nothing more than curling up with a blanket a hot drink and a good book!

See you soon

Kelly x






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