Our Weekly Round Up | No.18

Our weekly round up this week saw me hit a bit of a brick wall with everything. My sinus infection turned into a  horrible cold that really wiped me out. Vlogmas started over on YT, which is where you upload a video every day in December. Luckily I had pre recorded a few so that helped.


The start of another busy week. The kids filmed a Christmas Q&A for vlogmas for me, another one done and dusted.

I’m just trying to record as many as I can so it doesn’t all get on top of me. I felt so rough today. Although it did get better when I got a lovely set of 3 books in the post from penguin. I had to choose which child would receive which book, and they couldn’t have been more spot on for Courtney, Cerise and Casey.


I spent most of today in ASDA, not only did I have our normal weekly shop to do, but I also got our first Christmas food shop. Basically everything that won’t go off like sweets, tins, crisps, nuts and so on. I also got lots of bottles of soft drink, it’s just one less thing to do. We spent about two and a half hours in there.

I also bought a nice Poinsettia, which is looking very festive in the kitchen.

Casey went to football, and the girls had modern and tap. As usual it was gone 9 pm before me and James sat down, by which time I was nearly asleep.


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