The Christmas Decorations Are Up

The Christmas decoration are up. It’s always a dreaded thought getting up in the loft, getting them all down, hauling them down stairs and into the conservatory. That’s where they stay for the next week or so, until the mess gets on my nerves that much I just start putting random decorations up.

We got them down last Tuesday and just over a week later it’s all up inside and outside and the tree. And now that it’s all done of course I love, love, love it.

Here’s a look at our festive house.

Come on in

I got the wreath on our door around three years ago, it’s one of my favourite things.

Wreath from Taskers

Our hallway has a nativity scene that the kids love to play with.

Nativity, Church and Carol singer

The kids favourite decoration

Santa also makes an appearance.

Our Santa

Stocking are all hung up.

We need to get one for Carson

On to the living room.

Festive sign

I love our name sign.

Christmas at the Dansons

He’s also in here.

Spinning Santa

Our living room window, We have gold candles here, and silver candles in the kitchen.

Our tree with all our names on

The main feature of the room.

Our Christmas Tree

Second window with candles and gold tree.

Our JOY sign with Mary Joseph and Jesus

On to the kitchen

My mum got us the 3 little angels, it reminds me of her

Nothing says Christmas like a Poisettia.

Festive Poinsettia

The kitchen table in the run up to Christmas.

Our Kitchen

And that’s our home at Christmas. Tacky? yes, Over the top? maybe a bit, Does it make us happy and excited? Absolutely!! We look forward to putting it all up every year, and can’t imagine it any different. Roll on the big day I say!

See you soon

Kelly x






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