Our Weekly Round Up | No.19

Our Weekly Round Up

Our weekly round up this week saw us really busy in the lead up to James finishing work, The word Vlogmas makes me feel tired, it has been a lot more hard work than I thought, and have a bit overwhelmed at times. I think it’s all the extra editing I’ve been doing, on top of all the usual extra activities that Christmas brings. I’m still having fun with it though, and we’re all really looking forward to finishing work and school.


I made a lovely beef casserole today, even the kids enjoyed it which makes a change, I never sorted out the washing yesterday so spent a while doing that, I honestly think it’s the job I hate the most. As you can imagine with the 7 of us that’s a lot of pairs of socks.

Today’s Vlogmas was my Christmas food haul from last week, not sure why but food hauls always go down well on my channel, here it is if you fancy a little look:

I love Monday evenings, no football or dancing so we can sit down and get settled a bit earlier.


This was James only day off this week, he’s working right up until he finishes for Christmas now. We went to ASDA, I didn’t have a big shop I’m trying to run everything down ready for Christmas.

After school we took the twins and Carson to see Santa at Sefton Meadows.Cerise and Casey absolutely loved it.

Cerise and Casey really enjoyed it

Carson not so much. He was very unsure about this man in red with a fluffy face. You can see his reaction here:


Another day of making videos for Vlogmas, I enjoyed one of the videos I did today, going down Memory Lane I spoke about Christmas when I was young, such lovely things to talk about. I’ve always loved Christmas, my mum really tried hard to make it special even though she didn’t have much.

We had a lovely evening, the twins wrote out their Christmas cards for school, and then we all made paper chains. Cerise has taken hers upstairs and put it above her bed.


I sorted out all the things I’ve got for the kids Christmas Eve Hamper and Christmas Stockings. It took a while sorting in to each child. I’m really pleased with the hamper the hamper this year, there’s a game in there that I know they’re going to love plus some new PJ’S and chocolate treats. We also put a few books in that have been going in for the last 10 years or so. The kids look forward to the hamper as much as the big day it self.

Today’s Vlogmas was another VLOGTARS linky:


I caught up with some Christmassy work today, there’s still so much I need to wrap. Today it was all about Courtney and I wrapped up her birthday gifts and her Christmas gifts. Just the boys left to wrap now.

Courtney’s gifts ready to send to Santa

After dinner I cleaned our bedroom, it’s so hard to get in there sometimes. If I’m not sleeping in there, then either James or Carson is, so I just grabbed an hour and sorted it.


The Weekend

Cerise had her final rehearsals up at the dance school, next week she’ll be doing tech and dress with the rest of the dancers and cast. She’s really worked hard.

We had a fun afternoon building our LEGO Winter Toy Shop, it was a joint effort with all of us having a go. You can see it here:

Sunday I did the usual hoovering, polishing and sorting out the washing and uniforms for school. The kids all did their homework.

And that was our weekly round up. I’m really looking forward to the coming week, James only has 2 more nights at work, and then has 2 weeks off. Wee could really use some time together, in the run up to Christmas we hardly see each other. And of course by the end of the week we will be watching Cerise in her long awaited Panto performances.

See you soon

Kelly x


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