Ten Gifts On My Wish List

These ten gifts on my wish list are a bit pie in the sky. It’s all about the kids in the run up to Christmas, but a week or so into January we usually go shopping and get ourselves a little something.

There’s also a few housey bits on the list which to be fair are turning into essential things we just need to buy.

1. A ring light

The light in our house is so bad, we are in a corner and no natural light reaches us. It’s not so bad in the summer, but now that winters here I’m struggling to get any decent quality videos up on YouTube. A ring light will probably make a big difference.

2. A Camera

Sticking with the vlogging theme I’d really like a new camera, my Sony one broke in Florida and I’m using a Panasonic Lumix now. It’s fine for vlogging out and about but for nice shots or sit down chatty videos I would like a Canon G7x.

Canon G7x

It’s a favourite for many vloggers and bloggers.

3. A MacBook Pro

Ok so this one probably is a bit of a dream, at least for a while, but I really do need a new laptop. My Compaq one is ten years old and it looks it. It’s all cracked along one side, the headphone jack doesn’t work and a few of the keyboard letters keep pinging off.

4. stationary

Oh who doesn’t like some new pens, pencils and notebooks. As a child I spent most of my life in W H Smiths looking at it all. And I’m always writing lists of some sort especially since I started blogging. Nothing like a nice new book to write in.

New notebooks

5. Yankee Candle

Ok I can probably stretch to this one. I’ve recently been using all my candles, since the start of Autumn I seem to have a candle burning all the time. I’ve got a Christmas one going at the moment called Candy Cane Lane, and yep it smells just like candy canes. I’d like a new one for the new year.

6. A Hoover

A bit of a boring one this, but starting to become an essential. We’ve had our hoover about 12 years and it’s had a new pipe and is not picking up as good now. They are not cheap though it’s a good couple of hundred for a half decent one, but this is going down as something we just need to buy.

7. A KitchenAid

Not quite an essential, but I would love one, you can get them in such lovely colours I love them all.

I’m not a great baker and I certainly don’t do it all the time, but whenever I do I always think one of these would make the job so much easier.

8. New Blinds

Our blinds have never been replaced since we moved in this house nearly 14 years ago and they definitely need replacing. It’s just one of those things where something else always seems more important. I’ve taken them down and cleaned them plenty, but again we just need to bite the bullet Andy buy some new ones.

9. Earrings

I’m not a massive jewellery lover. I do like a nice pair of earrings, and 2 little stones have fell out of my usual ones. Again it’s a bit more of an essential as I have no other, but hey you never know it’s our 15th wedding anniversary next week…

10. Makeup

It’s only been recently that I’ve started to wear more makeup, for years I kept it pretty light. But obviously old age is starting to creep in and I need a little more now especially around the eye area. I have constant dark circles around them. I use a prep and prime BB cream as well which is not as heavy as a foundation, so looks and feels nicer. Cannot apply mascara so I don’t bother but do like a nice neutral eyeshadow.I like to have a few nice bits of makeup rather than a massive collection of stuff I won’t use.

That’s ten gifts on my wish list, some are essential, some are just nice things I’d like, What’s on your wish list?

See you soon

                Kelly x





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